Things to know about new Un-hackable hardware wallet that can store your assets of cryptocurrency (Must Read)

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Hello friends,

             Today, I come with a totally new topic and this will help you to secure your cryptocurrency for a long period of time. Before telling you everything about this particular wallet. Let me tell you first that one of the biggest enthusiast in cryptocurrency who is none of other than John Mcafee said that hard wallet which is un-hackable. I must can say that Future has arrived. Let's move on

             The name of the hard wallet is Bitfi wallet and you can see the picture of the hard wallet below-


 The Bitfi hardware wallet is a breakthrough technology that offers a rare combination of the most advanced security (better than any form of cold storage) for private and enterprise use and is remarkably simple to use requiring no tech knowledge at all. 

How to works-

 Setting up and using the Bitfi wallet is as easy as 1, 2, and 3 steps- So follow carefully-

Step1- First of all, you need to check out this link-

and then set up your dashboard (you can perform this action in your smartphone as well as computer/laptop) where you guys can see all of your store digital currencies/crypto assets and also track your activity in a simple and intuitive interface. Then move on step2

Step2- Thereafter, through wifi- you guys need to connect the bitfi device then press the "synchronise this wallet id" on your gadget then it will represent the unique device code. After that, simply click on the "Sync wallet"  on the left side of the dashboard, then you have to enter your device code in the pop-up message. Then the device will sync automatically with the dashboard (remember- it is needed so that private keys calculated by your device will correlate to the public addresses appearing in your dashboard)

Step3-  Don't forget to set your secret phrase. if you want to know how to set your security phrase with more details then check out this link-

After completing all of these steps, you are ready to use your wallet.


-Never share your private keys and security phrase.

-No matter how much wealth/cryptocurrency are you storing in your wallet. The security phrase will give the full control on your assets in your device and future assets.

-Bitfi is open source wallet. it means, if bitfi wallet team is not present in the upcoming time than no need to worry about. Thereafter, you can your device forever without any help.

Features and Benifits of Bitfi wallet-


1. No need to download anything in your device.

2. It is simple to use.

3. High level of security system that will help not only to protect your device, even to eliminate the phishing attacks or corrupt software.

4.  At all times your wallet has all of the latest features without ever having to look for and update software.

5.   You never have to check any website for updates or download anything. This also means that a single purchase of a Bitfi wallet will continue to have the latest technology and your device is never outdated or obsolete.

6. One time investment for the longer period of time.

7.  The team of Bitfi will continuously work on your wallet for the latest cutting edge security and protection.



1. Suppose your hardware wallet is lost or stolen forever or even the bitfi is no longer in running business. Donot need to panic about this , because you guys can easily recover your assets by using the open-source code.

2. There is no other password or pin-code or any other mnemonic seed to keep track of your wallet. I mean to say that your wallet is full of control and backup using a single phrase.

3. It is impossible to guess the single phrase because of it's way of generation.

4.  Sometimes, people use also different anchor like mobile number or email address.  This one ensure that no one is going to ever create your phrase. and many more.

5. Your private key is not stored anywhere, ever. you are the one who is holding the private key that's it. That means no one can access your wallet.

              Hey guys, these features make this wallet un-hackable and make this device for a longer period of time because of it's open-source facility which is pretty awesome.

               Best thing is that they sold out their device during 1st badge in 22 minutes and may be couple of pieces are left in 2nd badge. Thereafter, their selling line of the 3rd badge will going to be held in july.

If you want to know more something about this device then please check out the link below-

If you want to buy the wallet then check out the link below-

What do you think guys about this particular wallet is that one really shows that future is arrived. So leave your comments below and let me and my follower know about it.

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Thanks for the information I didn't know about this wallet


it's my pleasure sir

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I think this wallets was to helpfull your crypto lover user🇮🇳



@gkumar bro hardware wallet most usefull storage to cryptocurrency stored and secure....bro upvote my post .....and motivation


Thanks for valuable comments


Same here

Hello Kumar,

Ohh security in crypto wold most important.
This is what block chin technology will not allow to change transaction once done

No change and modification so need to secure your wallate with strong password.

Hacker are always there on network keep security wallate as Kumar suggested

Thanks to Kumar for informing security methods.

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Safety first

That good but I want to say why not they gave an update within the app ... like OTA update

This tips will b very useful for all


definitely, be safe


thank you

I think this wallet will be very useful to crytocurrency holders

thats a very informative blog.. thank you

Is Cold wallet safe or not


yes cold wallet is also safe as compare to online wallet

Electronic money is safest and vulnerable too

Nice bro upvoted help me too

A very reliable hardware wallet in reality ..


any doubt

This wallet secure reply me

This is the same one that McAFee was promoting on his Twitter?

Thanks for the tips bro. They will help us alot.


Bore na kar

thanks for share your experiance with others

Thanks..i think it would be the best one wallet

Good post

thanks for the information

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