4 mln Golos tokens allocated to the workers fund with the aim of Golos Blockchain development

2년 전

The recent 22nd protocol update (hardfork) of Golos Blockchain has introduced the long-awaited workers system among other significant changes.

Thanks to this system users and developers will be able to participate more actively in Golos Blockchain development. The community will decide by itself what has to be done first and which reward this or that worker deserves.

As soon as the interface was launched at https://golos.id/workers, the initiative group of the witnesses and the community made the decision to send 4 mln Golos tokens to the workers fund (over $20 000 at the current exchange rate).

We see it as an important step in increasing the community’s involvement in implementing various initiatives for the project, as well as attracting useful activities from the developers’ side.

The original post can be found here

GOLOS token is currently available on the following exchanges: RuDEX (BitShares), Kuna, Steem Engine.

Golos Blockchain - https://golos.id

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