📢 "Break Our Net"! Gravity Launches Public Testnet

3년 전

Are you a Graphene Developer? A developer? Tech enthusiast?

Join our testnet!

With this testnet launch we have two main goals:

To test the assumptions used in our DPoI (Delegated Proof of Importance) economic model, as well as attract interest from developer community and distribute some of our initial stake to people that are interested in our ideas, and capable of meaningful participation in our ecosystem. Some of the things to do are not that complicated, and might be a good first step even if you've never been a graphene witness, or contributed to an open source project.

As we continue to go through the testnet we'll be releasing guidlines about things like what we consider to be a perfect bug report, and the like. It is impossible to solve some problems just by throwing technology at them, remember? Fostering a good culture is also important!

Anyway, without further ado, here are the things that will get you rewards on our testnet:

Most basic thing that you can do is to get an account in our wallet, and for this basic level we aren't giving any reward, but it is required to proceed further.

  • Just launching a node will earn you 1,000 ZGV
  • Reporting issues on our github with found vulnerabilities, interface improvement suggestions, etc can earn you 1,000 to 10,000 ZGV
  • Protocol improvment suggestions can earn you between 10,000 and 50,000 ZGV
  • Rewards for reporting issues with the economic model, Gravity Index and dynamic emission will earn you between 50,000 and 100,000 ZGV

And finally, to make things exciting here is the superprize:

Grand Gravity Grail for taking over the network by being able to assign 2/3+1 witnesses

500,000 ZGV

How to participate

To participate, you need to do the following:

  • Register an account on the testnet portal for participants
  • Join the Telegram group
  • For the first step you require a BitShares account and a github account.

Bitshares account is required, because the rewards will be paid out in GRAVITY.WORK token on Bitshares network, that you would be able to exchange 1:1 for real ZGV tokens after the main net launch.

If you need any help with problems that you encounter, or something is unclear in the guides that we provide, please ask questions in our Telegram group.

Come to our testnet and break our toys!

Want to join our team?

Gravity Protocol is hiring!

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Follow Us

Website: http://gravity.io
BitsharesTalk: https://bitsharestalk.org/index.php?board=122.0
Telegram channel: https://t.me/gravityprotocol
Telegram dev chat: https://t.me/gravity_protocol
Blog: https://steemit.com/@gravity-protocol
Blog: https://medium.com/@gravityprotocol
Twitter: https://twitter.com/protocolgravity
Discord: https://discord.gg/bcavmUg
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/gravity-foundation/

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There is a huge Demand for Blockchain Developer right now.

For all the people learning history and all the other kind of subjects, you're kind of wasting your time, if you want to make money and you've the ability learn things by yourself.

We're entering into a world where all the future millionaires will be innovators, entrepreneurs, developers and early adaptors and contributors.

DO NOT WASTE your TIME people and self educate yourself in subjects excites you and the world needs your skills.


thank you!


I study and read a lot....but it's just porn literature....magazines with naked women.


I wasted my time reading your comment...


Then don't read it my dear!
It's your freedom not to read comment or listen to me.
And it's my freedom to say what I think..


Also, it is my freedom to say what I think about your opinion which is based on god knows what, only that perhaps - your opinion.
Isn't it pretentious to call learning history useless, so according to you we should all become illiterate fools in order to gain more money watching our culture deteriorates... Besides, one can learn both history and be a blockchain developer or whatever.


"History is bunk" --- Henry Ford (a quote fom history)
"History" that is often taught in school concerns choices of heads of state (kings and queens) for the most part which is probably less than aplicable for us minnows and it's the "official" story.

Some information is more useful than others but history does put things in perspective.


What I have to study? Can you guide me...?


Are you asking me ??


Hello world that needs my "skills", I am going to build a wallet for Steem with 2FA (two factor authentication). I already have a console mode and I am building one with a GUI.


Good luck! Build it and show it to the world and the people will reach out to you :)


So right brother people need to learn code asap


There will be less and less reward for people doing and learning the old stuff.

No disrespect for people who're stuck in the old world.

This technology revolution 2.0 will make the entire planet to become more peaceful than ever.

One World


@ackza needs to talk with you!! you must make some talks with @ackza also come on https://steemspeak.com discord we need to see someone like you teaching us inspiring us

we NEED to learn skills you are SO RIGHT stem is a JOY to develop for from what I have heard!

I was the first witness!!! Yay! If anyone wants to vote for me my name is g9320b3400s1180y4450. Just go to https://wallet.gravityprotocol.org/cabinet/voting/ after creating an account. I cannot wait for the mainnet and the features after.




Do you mind resteeming this article? And maybe even post a guide on how to get a witness running. ;-)


Will do, also in the mean time you should check out this: https://steemit.com/gravityprotocol/@kennybll/so-i-m-trying-to-take-over-a-testnet-d

Now this has touch my interest!! I'm definitely getting involved because I believe in graphene technology and I love Bitshares..
Telling all my tech friends @gravity-protocol!!

For anyone who wants, you can vote for the experiment of taking over the testnest for accounts g9320b3400s1180y4450, g0000b0000s0000y0000 through g0000b0000s0000y0010 for both witnesses and committee members. :D

it can be interesting👍🏿👌🏻

Interesting @gravity-protocol . but when it will be start ? :)


Looks interesting, looking forward to see how this project will turn out !

hm ... interesting

Seems intresting

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Now it and my will! I believe in graphene technology in all its forms because I like Bitshares.

All my tech classmates bod @gravity-protocol

gran idea muchos éxitos

Hello there!!!
thanks for the info, as soon i get home ill register myself.
good luck!!!!
have a nice day!!!!

Me parece intersante @gravedad-protocolo Orgulloso Soy de Ser De Venezuela

Interesting! @gravity-protocol . but when it will be start ?

📢 "Break Our Net"! Gravity Launches Public Testnet has been resteemed by @resteemmuse

I love this platform!! I am a tech enthusiast. And guess what? Am in!!!

Hello Dear,

I have already upvoted You; Please back me upvote and follow for success each other's.

My New Post

Best Regards



Good Luck with your testing @gravity-protocol. Interesting topic 😄

  ·  3년 전

Hello, thank you for adding to Steemit !

I've upvoted and Followed you; Please Follow back and we can Collaboration each other to succeed :)

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thanks a lot for sharing, tha is interenting, really important information, greetings @gravity-protocol .

The colors call me so much, nice work

best of luck for this project

it's so great deal.

Seems very promising !
All best of luck to this project :)

Hi @gravity-protocol

wow..am very interested your post.many many thanks

felicitaciones ,muy interesnte

felicitaciones ,muy interesnte

Happy for keeping us posted! Tnx 😊

Happy for keeping us posted! Tnx 😊

tengo esa mision y mi vision mas alla!!!!

This is a very interesting project! Is anyone planning at attack on the test net... I have a few ideas on how to do it but it might be nice to have some collaboration.


Interesting! :)

Interesting! :)

it is going to be interesting but I am wondering when will it start working?
can you tell @gravity-protocol?


Already started

It looks interesting, come forward to see if this project will be launched!

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This looks cool, it's so interesting Well precise

good project

looks interesting will wait and watch the movement

Good Information Friend.Good Job

Interesting topic @gravity-protocol great technology


I will definitely join. Thanks for sharing

All projects are looking for support only and after collecting some money leave the project


We not conduct any ICO and not collect your money.

This is good project, the great technology.

hey @This looks cool, it's so interesting Well precise.

Thanks for this good post.

heared this name before @gravity-protocol

wow! very interesting. This has huge demand now.

what a qgood post i like to read it

Anyone here learn ethical hacking [ceh] ???

splendid friend You have my support. I hope to count on your support to keep growing. regards

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Omg i love your artwork! 😍

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very good hope we remain so people who are successful, and generous

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Some of the things to do are not that complicated, and might be a good first step even if you've never been a graphene witness, or contributed to an open source project.

it is very helpful for our dauly to daily life

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La gran demanda que existe actualmente de diferentes PTC, Blockchain, entre otras; hacen que cada uno de nosotros seamos más precavidos al momento de utilizarlas, por eso es necesario educarnos a diario en cuanto a éste mundo tecnológico cambiante...

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