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sucks they took agency that didnt work so many of them did so good for the coins :/ (not saying coisn itself were good though)

I feel your slice of the reward pie is too large 1.jpg

It's sad to hear this story... due diligence on the mentioned agency was supposed to be done before committing a deal that involves a huge investment and such a big project. We all need to be super vigilant in this crypto space...

Hope justice gets served and Karatbars recover their losses and succeed with their business endeavors moving forward, keep us updated with the progress on the case if you can. Thank you for sharing

  ·  2년 전

Yes, I aim to make a follow-up piece on this.


Respect I would love and would hope to hear justice will be served on this one so it will be a lesson and example for anyone else trying to scam in the crypto space


due diligence is supposed to be done before committing a deal that involves a huge investment in any space - anything else is just irresponsible.

Trusting other party just because they claim they're 'number 1' in their industry, is another definition of blind love.

I hope Karatbars get their rights, and Steinberg should pay for his shenanigans!

Part of the things we have to consider is that a lot of these industries popped up during 2017 which, due to high inflation was as close as many people got to printing money, I'm not defending them, just reminding ourselves of what point we got to.

  ·  2년 전

You're right.
Every token sale-related service was absurdly overpriced during the ICO mania of 2017. Even then, this 3M figure must have been a record.


The karabarts project is very interesting

Good read. I hope Karatbars is successful in all endeavors.

Very nice topics...

Dude, that was weird but sounds good. Overpriced agency it's like a robber today, I support this one!!

It is interesting project.

The ICO agency behavior is not good


at all

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It is good how they take legal action against them as that is not right behavior for them


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Karatbars should take legal action to eradicate scams in the world of blockchain.

Hi dear friend @hatu.

You have presented us with a whole investigation case with all the necessary evidence to dismantle any hypothesis.
I hope that the legal actions undertaken by Karatbars culminate positively for them.

This is necessary to happen, not only so that order is resumed in project activities and symbolic buyers can be honored, but to create a precedent in this matter of ICO scams.
As we can see in this case it depends not only on the company that is undertaking the project but also on the technology companies that are outsourced.

Hopefully, the resolution of this case lays the necessary legal basis to combat this type of fraud in the future.

All best, Piotr.

Very nice.. 👍👍👍

Interesting news. So

The whois information is incomplete, because only the server where the registration data is stored will show complete information unless of course legislation forbids showing information about private individual, like for example EU residents.

In some legislations anonymizer services are forbidden, but there is a lot of legislations where anonymizer services are allowed.

All other whois servers than registrar's own whois server show limited information so malicious users have harder time to harvest addresses or phone numbers for mass marketing or other illegal activities.

First of all congrats brother
The second thing i want to say that you write a great blog on block chain well don brow keep it up stay on top in trending ❤👣❤

  ·  2년 전

It is interesting project. Good read.

i dont understand why? all of this

This looks very complicated, how about the applicable law where the agency is located. Bookmarked for this one, I'm very curious how it goes

Hi @hatu

Interesting topic. I wonder how many agencies out there are scamming their customers. This is still wild-wild west.

However, it appears that the full amount of coins have still not been handed over. Yet, Steinberg denies that there are coins left

That's just insane. What an awful situation for both parties.

Great read. Upvote on the way!

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