QuarkChain Takes Crypto to the Masses

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One of the major causes the crypto community is unable to reach out to the masses is due to the limited ability it has to function in day to day payments. While early adopters are willing to try new technological advancements, most of the world only adopts products once it becomes an apparent necessity or shines out with powerful benefits.

Of course, blockchain can provide benefit to the masses as it provides transparency and security. But in this age of Amazon and GrubHub, people value nothing more than convenience. So, if the masses have to jump through hoops to put their crypto to use, they are unwilling to be part of the community. However, the difficulty in utilizing crypto is soon about to change. New projects like the OPEN Platform and Saifu are making it feasible to utilize cryptocurrencies in the real world. But one key issue could arise swiftly: current blockchains are not ready for the real world.

Making Crypto Ready for the Real World

For the cryptocurrencies to be feasible in the real world, the community needs a scalable blockchain. Let me utilize the examples I’ve presented above. OPEN makes it possible to utilize cryptocurrencies in the established app stores. The app stores process tens of billions of dollars in payments every year and a single game or app can demand several 100 transactions per second during peak hours. Undoubtedly, present blockchains, even Ethereum cannot sustain this transactional demand. So, even if projects are able to take crypto to the masses, the underlying technological infrastructure cannot sustain the demands of the real world.

However, QuarkChain presents a solution. By providing the option of a blockchain that can sustain 100,000 transactions per second, cryptocurrencies can go beyond mere app stores. The best part is that QuarkChain just needs to provide the platform which others can utilize. Presently, developers have big goals on where they could take this market, but plenty of ambitious projects targeting real world usage are unable to maintain the needs of the potential userbase. This can be disheartening—having a functional product that is too ahead of the blockchain’s ability puts the effort and investors’ funds to waste. However, once QuarkChain provides the transactional power necessary to pay for utility bills, fast food payments, or virtually any real-world cost, cryptocurrencies could finally face real utility.

The problem isn’t that their isn’t available talent to take crypto to mass utility in the real world; the problem is that the current blockchains cannot support this goal and so developers are not pursuing this.

Unleashing a New Bull Run

In the second half of 2017, cryptocurrencies faced a remarkable bull run due to the adoption the market faced. However, now the market has penetrated into the entire volume of early adopters, and this has been sufficient to take the crypto market cap to nearly $500 billion. Now, the steam has slowed down and the times of the market picking up a 100,00 new members in a single day need to be rekindled.

The next step is to push through the mass market by bringing to them the feasibility of using crypto for day-to-day spending. To achieve that, QuarkChain is making mass transactional ability, one that exceeds even the ones achieved by leading card networks like Visa and Mastercard. QuarkChain is building the necessary technological infrastructure necessary to take the blockchain and crypto communities to the days of mass adoption.

Essential QuarkChain Links

🌐 Website: https://quarkchain.io/
💡 Whitepaper: https://quarkchain.io/QUARK%20CHAIN%20Public%20Version%200.3.4.pdf
👨 ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3587645.0
💻 Telegram: https://t.me/quarkchainio
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The crypto space needs a high tps blockchain to deliver a working product for the devs to build on. The roadmap for QuarkChain is a quick one with important goals happening in a short time frame.

  ·  2년 전

Well said!
It's imperative that this community can build atop a reliable, high tps blockchain as that holds the key to scalability and sustainable growth through adoption of more projects.