Library of Blockchain Scientific Papers

4년 전

This library is a result of my 3 year research of blockchain space.

Blockchain Library

I don't think it is exhaustive. It include 56 white papers and the registry of Brett Scott. Brett Scott's registry has more than 500 white papers. But primarily all works around Bitcoin. My library include the most prominent and the most important applicable works about private and public blockchain designs. Also it include some useful white papers around databases, consensus algorithms, economics, IoT etc.


I also have very stupid rare item in my collection: One clown whose name is Smith applied for patent on Bitcoin's business model. Would happy to see how US government will protect this IP right ;-)

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This is what I call hard work! Hope would be rewarded.

Wowzers! Well at least the world knows that someone wasn't eating cereal and thought "Mmmm block chain."

Have you actually gone through all the papers @hipster? This is an incredible collection! Thank you for sharing it, and I look forward to learning more from you.