Sad Story How I Lost Bitshares Account

3년 전

Yesterday I was not sufficiently attentive while changing my keys in Bitshares. Instead of changing keys for child account I changed keys for the parent account. As result, I have account hipster with active and owner keys from account hipster. So recursive, wow. Here is proof. I am bit disappointed that neither frontend app nor blockchain itself was not able to understand that user is gonna make stupid mistake.

Want to leave here for history my loss:

  • 226,599.99403 BTS (2.3 BTC)
  • 600 BitUSD (0.4 BTC)
  • 17611 BTS (0.2 BTC) lifetime subscription of account
  • Future revenue from affiliates
  • Trust from using this account since inception - priceless

Total about $4k USD which is not huge but sad.

Fortunately, some assets such as SFUND, CFUND and SPIES will be possible to restore due to issuer policy somewhere in the future.

@abit, @xeroc, @roelandp, @xeldal - just curious is there any way to find a solution to restore this account? I understand that this requires hardfork but I don't think I am the only loser who will have such problem in the future.

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i feel ya, BTS is the only system where i lost account too..
was LTM and had LTM under it...

of course fault is (was mine) and i got my lesson :)

I think such problems including your account can be fixed at next hard fork because it's blockchain integrity problem which should be fixed.

Update: I create an issue in BitShares github


That would be great. And not just because I want to return funds (for sure I do), but because such things stop spreading Bitshares growth.

I do not like how they have some of their stuff set up either. I am not the only one either!! Clearing your cache which is good online policy should never wipe out a wallet in the extensions like this does all the time.

I cannot count the number of people who have had all kinds of issues with the various BTS or OpenLedger related type wallets, it is really bad!

People just walk away from them and the products related, all the time because of it!

I am sorry for your loss, believe me!


With all due respect, if you lose your wallet due to clearing your browser cache, it's only because you didn't back up your wallet, which you are warned to do from the very start. In fact, the warning does not go away until you back up the damn wallet. User stupidity should not be blamed on anyone but the user!

Just to be clear, I am only referring to not backing up your wallet (per instructions) as stupidity. What more can be done other than to warn the user to back up their wallet?? Now OP, on the other hand, made an unfortunate mistake that perhaps could have generated a warning by the UI before letting him carry on with it. If that's truly an improvement that can be made, I am sure it will be.

Finally, since you apparently have the misconception that people are walking away from Bitshares in droves, just take a look at the rate of user adoption. It's pretty astounding. In fact, Bitshares is now BY FAR the most active blockchain (by daily transaction count) after Bitcoin. Yes, it blows both Ethereum and Steem out of the water that regard. Just so you know.


I am not sure we are on the same page with a couple things.

What I said is there are problems with the wallet being lost after a simple cache clearing and I know many people have said it bothers them and frustrates them with a simple thing like this.

And as a result, many have walked away or not using Open ledger type wallets.

There are a ton of new people coming into the crypto space and the key to that, like with Steemit or anything -- is mass adoption. Not everyone in the masses is skilled online, or with simple IT type things, or especially crypto which has a steep learning curve.

I think many dev's or IT types, or online pro's often forget this. You can have the best tech in the world, and BTS itself, is great by all accounts, (genius, many say, ahead of its time even) -- but if something is not easy to use for the masses, or ahead of its time, it may not be mass adopted.


To be honest that is the second account that I lost in Bitshares. The first one was in BTS 1.0. BTW - Bitshares is the only system of which I ever lost funds despite the fact that I have been used at least 40 different systems ... So that is true. Something should be done around this...

Shouldn't you be able to update your active key, since your account is owner of the account?


No. The problem is that no keys exist for this account so the blockchain can not verify validity of any transaction


Well, that's unfortunate. I am not expert on bitshares, but i thought you could add two more accounts to active permission you can transfer funds with those accounts...if you can't make any transaction :/

Спасибо за информацию! Это поможет многим разобраться! Я буду благодарна за статьи на русском, которые могут помочь больше разобраться как работает эта платформа таким "чайникам" как я:)


Мы публикуем информацию о bitshares и экосистеме вокруг платформы на русском в нашем блоге

Anyone who has been in crypto long enough has a story like this in regards to one thing or another. We all just learn to shrug it off and hopefully are a little wiser for it.

Super bummer!! Sorry for your loss and thanks for sharing your experience.


we're currently planning for a hardfork in BitShares, and there's the possibility that your account could be resurrected. You should join the discussion at,24816.0.html . The github issue related to your problem is .

Resolving your problem will require shareholder approval, so you'll have to do some lobbying. I believe you'll have to create two zero-pay workers, one for yes and one for no, then we'll see which one gets more votes. The process for this will be part of the discussion, I think.

Also, you'll have to provide a patch. Perhaps someone will help you with that if you're not able to do it on your own. Looking at your account balance, you could offer a bounty for example.


Dear @cyrano
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I am sorry for your loss. That has been really a hard hit.
Follow you.

thx for sharing!

glad that the 4k are not such a huge deal to you.

Sorry to hear that, man. I really would like for you to find the solution, and to describe it here… with a big sigh of relief :)

16 sm Good. Upvoted and followed

Ah ! Sorry to hear this.
Losses are no good..

4k im sorry brotha!

I'm so sorry for your loss, But you must forget that, This happen so now you should keep work

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