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The rate of technological innovation has been enhancing quickly with a significant improvement to virtually all life's operational model. These advancements and improvements had carried with it a considerable change to all sectors of life, financially, socially, and culturally, technology proceeds to incredibly effect positively on economies, networks, enterprises, and individuals. 

Worldwide, new technological models are being adopted like e-administration, e-learning, e-banking, and obviously, web based business, and above all the BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY.  Loads of positive changes are being made, especially in the aspect of economic and financial advancement. While these new blockchain projects and the crypto entrepreneurs behind them differ greatly from one another in many ways, they are all early adopters who have embraced a disruptive technology before the masses. 

Blockchain is an innovative technology which is changing the world financial operating model. It is a distributed database model that acts as a ledger to store and manage transactions. In other words, blockchain is a chain of blocks containing information. It is a public ledger utterly open to everyone.  The success of bitcoin which is the first cryptocurrency and the significant increase in the price of virtually all cryptocurrencies in 2017 led to The rise of many cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms during the last few years because of the promising prospect of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Problems Of The Current exchanges Operating Model

The growth was so significant that larger exchanges with great volumes had to shut down account creation to upgrade and improve security patches of the exchange on a regular basis. However, most projects are rushed to completion and lack even basic security protocols and features. Recently, you’ll have noticed several exchanges have been penetrated leading to massive thefts of user funds. Investors and platforms have lost millions of dollars, and some exchanges have since ceased to operate. Most exchange services attempt to launch updated security protocols but many slow transaction speeds and create problems with account and trade verifications. 

Users also prefer to leave large amounts of funds offline or separate from the exchange to create an increased sense of security. By doing this additional steps are needed and with extra steps come added fees and wait times. This practice also creates security issues with wallet address keylogging and malicious software sometimes making their way into the process unknowingly.

These aforementioned problems lead to the emergence of an Estonian crypto currency exchange called COINCASSO

Coincasso emerges as a multifunctional cryptocurrency platform which is licensed by two EU safety derivatives by leveraging the importance of both decentralized and centralized exchanges to eliminate the various problems plaguing the current cryptocurrency exchange models thereby increasing the mass adoption of the blockchain technology by creating a conducive atmosphere with all the needed parameters to bring about a transparent trading model and seamless trading experience.

The coincasso exchange platform emerges with the mission to provide it users with the most secure, transparent, reliable and rewarding cryptocurrency exchange in the market for the entire crypto community with room for users to take active decision in the operation of the exchange in activities such as listing their desired tokens and coins. 

The brain behind coincasso is open to constant research and development to implement advanced security tactics in frequent patch updates. One of the coincasso exchange main focus points is to bring about decentralization, transparency and security into the crypto society and to bring about the mainstream adoption of the blockchain technology at large.

Coincasso being a cryptocurrency marketplace is built with unique features and enhancements that make it better than any other typical cryptocurrency exchange. It has a well-structured operational model where the profit generated by the exchange will be shared among it user. It Leveraging the decentralized exchange nature and peer-to-peer architecture, which the entire blockchain concept is built on, to bring about a top notch secured exchange that gives absolute control to its users over their trading across its exchange. 

The coincasso platform is being created to solve the underlying challenges faced by most cryptocurrency exchanges by empower all its users along with the whole market. It would usher them into a safer environment which would encourage them to execute volume trading without much fee.


Just like everyother cryptocurrency exchanges, COINCASSO also created a token called CCX which    is developed and anchored on the secure ethereum blockchain which offer the best Dapps integration offering high transaction speed at a relatively low fee. The token will serve as the main functional coin of the exchange offering its holder and the exchange users a lot of benefit and opportunity to receive profits for all their activities on the exchange.

Ticker: CCX


Total supply: 100,000,000

Available for sale ICO: 80,000,000 CCX

ICO Sale date: 1 October, 2018 – 30 December, 2019

price: $2.74

Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH and LTCCONTACT COINCASSO





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