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Day to day technological advancements has brought about an increasingly significant changes to the entire world.  These advancements has seen to the invention of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies which will bring about a potential shift in the way various sectors and the world interact financially.

However, as every successful blockchain technology and cryptocurrency projects or startups are providing different innovative solutions to real life problems, THE CONTENTS PROTOCOL PLATFORM emerges to provide a safe and secure environment for the entire content industry which will benefit all the players involve within the industry ranging from the content providers to the content consumers. 

Contents protocol is adopting blockchain technology because Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that has all the needed potentials to provide innovative changes to virtually every sectors with the content industry included. All their operational patterns are going to change, all because of the Blockchain technology. The new technology has the ability to create new operational paradigm to pave more time for creativity and innovation. The use of traditional intermediaries such as bankers, lawyers, brokers and others will not be necessary  to successfully carry out transactions by creating an ecosystem which is high secure and transparent for individuals, industries, and various sectors to execute transactions without a third.

Virtually all the existing centralized traditional content distribution platforms we’ve seen so far has not been efficient. These centralized bodies control all the activities taking place on their ecosystem limiting the flows of data between the content consumers and the providers preventing them from getting various feedbacks which will enable them to improve the contents which they produce to meet the demand of their consumers. 

These centralized traditional content platforms make huge returns from the various data they do gather from the content consumers such as reviews, likes, comments and in turn fail to reward them for giving out such vital information. The reward these platform gives to even the content creators who keeps their platform running is nothing to write home about. 

Thus, the contents protocol platform is adopting the various and enormous advantages of the blockchain technology to bring about a transparent ecosystem where all the users Of the content industry will be rewarded and incentivize according to their various contributions. 

CONTENTS PROTOCOl will be an open and secure platform that creates a multi-directional ecosystem, where content creators/publisher and content consumers exchange content, data, and incentives including financial rewards directly. The Platform will enable content creators and publishers to directly incentivise the consumption of their content using content Protocol Tokens (CPT).

The contents protocol token is been built on the secure Ethereum blockchain and Will allows content consumers to be rewarded for their various contributions and the feedback data they generate. All the users involved in the creation and consumption of contents plays an important role in the content industry and as such contents protocol is creating a medium where the various contributions of both the creators and the consumers will be rewarded.

Among the added advantage of the contents protocol platform is the influence of  it's parent platform  which is watcha. Watcha is a content platform which has been operating for quite some years In Japan and korea.  Watcha has been awarded as the best app from the App Store as the 2016-17 “Best App of the Year” (KR), Watcha Play / 2015, Watcha. And also received an award from the Play Store as the “Best App of the Year” (KR) 2016, Watcha Play / 2013-14, Watcha. The contents protocol platform is also supported with a lot of giant enterprise from both the content industry and cryptocurrency space. 

CONTENTS Protocol will become the core architectures for the creation of a new era of open internet, which will create an easier Avenue for finding relevant  contents and information served out by increasingly localized, disparate and eclectic creators and publishers. the current system of centralized content production and distribution platforms limits the availability of high quality contents and generated data because of the laid down structure where the users are not being rewarded for their contributions. Thus,  contents protocol is providing an ending solutions to the problems.


The contents protocol platform has created two different token which are CPTS And CP POWER,  these two tokens will be use to carry out all the transactions that will take place on the content protocol ecosystem. The CPT will be use to perform functions such as content creators advertising their contents for greater views and for acquisition of the various data collated from the content consumers. 

•  token symbol: CPT

•  Token type: ERC20

•  Amount planned to be raised : 4,400,000 USD (40,000 ETH)

•  Total supply : 10,000,000,000

•   Token available for Sale: 30%






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