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The world is changing incredibly fast, and virtually everyone is aware of it. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are an irreversible advancement that is disrupting established industries and the ways in which we interact financially. 

Blockchain technology has the potential to fundamentally change much of the way our world currently operates for the better. Everything is going to change, all because of Blockchain. It’ll create new ways of working and leave more time for creativity and innovation. Intermediaries such as lawyers, brokers, and bankers might no longer be necessary. Individuals, organizations, machines, and algorithms would freely transact and interact with one another. This is the immense potential of Blockchain. Blockchain is not going to just change the way industries and governments operate but it will impact the lives of everyone.

The wonders of this great technology cannot be discussed without mentioning the medium through which cryptocurrency are been exchanged between various users.  Cryptocurrency Exchange: Sometimes known as “exchanges”, these are institutions that enable users to exchange cryptocurrencies for other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. In effect, they serve as intermediaries between cryptocurrency buyers and sellers, connecting demand with supply and enabling buyers to make their desired purchases using cryptos or fiats of their choice, according to which ones are supported by the individual exchange. These exchanges so far has operated effectively, credit must be given to the existing exchanges. 

With each passing day, there is an increase in the number of cryptocurrencies on the market. With each currency comes an exchange platform. However, most of these platforms operate on a centralized system which handles all currencies from their own database. Hence, they virtually keep full custody of all currency flow within the market. The problem with most centralized system is that it practically places lots of risk on the system, making it vulnerable. In the event of any possible system failure, their ecosystem is always prone to hacking leading to a colossal loss, as has been witnessed and experienced in the past

In a turnaround attempt, the CRYPTONITY EXCHANGE emerges to create an all in one platform to give both new cryptocurrency users as well old investors a secure, seamless decentralized exchange to save, trade and exchange various cryptocurrencies.

Cryptonity exchange emerges to solve the underlying challenges faced by centralized cryptocurrency exchanges mentioned above and many more. They operate as a decentralized exchange - a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (peer-to-peer) which bypasses the middleman or escrow services, thereby creating a powerful intelligent trustless environment, whereby transactions are made through smart contracts depriving currency to go through the hands of the middleman. Blockchain Technology transparency and decentralization of the crypto exchange void third parties and reduces transaction cost.

Thus, it  is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange which is created to provide the most comprehensive, secure, transparent and collaborative exchange platform in the market. The platform been built Simple but strong and meaningful, the platform is aimed to be an exchange that is respected by the Cryptocurrency Community. The brain behind the creation of cryptonity is providing the most comprehensive, secure, transparent and collaborative exchange platform in the market with the aim of bringing innovative solutions to cryptocurrency market as well as breaking the ‘only profit’ policy of the most available exchanges.

the community is the core and the most important values of any business settings, these communities forms the targeted audience which the platform produces whatever it proposes to. Any platform which have a strong and healthy community been it physical venture or an online based project do strive well because the does not only purchase products but also provide financial as well as promotional support to the project. Cryptonity understands this fact, therefore, the brain behind the project believe the community deserve to be listened to and to be treated with care. Thus, the name Cryptonity is coined from Crypto and community, with the aim of providing the entire crypto community with a transparent secure decentralized exchange.


Cryptonity Token will be a utility token and its price shall thus be related to its utility.  the token will grant its owners a lifetime discount of 50% on Cryptonity Exchange fees. It will also enable its owners to take part to specific features such as the vote for the “Coin of the Month”. Find out more details about our fees in the “Economic Scheme” section. The coin will not further be mined neither more will be created to increase its initial total supply of 100million XNY.

Token: XNY (ERC20) 

Public Sale: Oct 31, 2018 - Dec 31, 2018 

Main sales: from November 1 to November 30, 2018 (Bonus + 10%) 

Total will be released: 100.000.000 XNY 

Total will be allocated for all sales rounds: 60M XNY 

Softcap: 500.000 $ 

Hardcap: 20.120.000 $ 

Token price: 1 XNY = 0.23 $ 

Deposit: ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC 

Minimum deposit: 0.05 ETH 








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