The crypto world seems at disgruntled at each other during bear times.

2년 전

Something odd is going around if you look at it.


The accusations and stories are flying. Dealings behind the scenes, it's like Whoa!

I use to remember crypto being a fun and friendly environment during it's building phase. It's not quite that way anymore. Myself, I tried to do what I could to see honesty develop from crypto, good technology grow, to make the world a better place for good people.

...that's all I wanted.

But at every twist and turn, there's another scam, another threat, another someone doing something to someone else.

It creates a toxic environment. That's how we're entering 2019 unfortunately... Toxic environments.

Be careful out there.

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Be the change you want to see in the world. Seek out those that build each other up, and you'll find yourself in a fortress of your own making, invulnerable to attack.

We'll get through this, this will pass eventually. Besides, it's Haejin. What do you expect?


His latest post was an easy to use example. There's tons of other situations too, not involving haejin.

At some point, I don't know when the good people began getting outnumbered. Perhaps it's just easier to corrupt and infect toxicity into any normal good environment by a few. I don't know.

I feel like I'm learning crypto all over again.

The one thing I know, is the people I always found I could trust, I still trust. :)

Hey there, @intelliguy - I just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking about you. I put blinders on to a lot of the the toxic stuff because if I don't keep some of it at arm's length then I spiral into a very dark place.
That being said, I feel very strongly about creating a safe space where people are treated with respect and diplomacy; where differing opinions don't mean we hate on each other. It's definitely an uphill battle, but one that I believe is worthy to strive for. Please stay in touch. You know where to find me :) ~ Meredith


this this and more this! i was hoping to get to know you better @intelliguy !


I think of all of you tons. My time on blockchain has been forced to end. I can't talk about it.


If you ever feel like you can talk about it, or at least keep in touch elsewhere, you just google search merej99 or Meredith Loughran - I'm pretty much all over the place. PS - Thank you for this quick message. I'm just glad you're not dead. ❤️

Hey @intelliguy,
I'm really sad to see that you are leaving.
I've always valued your opinion and this is a huge loss.

Anyways, let me know when you come back :)


I can't. Not my choice.

As predicted, the crypto world is under attack.


You hit the nail square on the head.

You go guy!

Keep doing that which you believe in, b/c I trust you and your motives. Been months since we've spoken, by voice or text. Hope all is well in your world.

I too am disappointed in the state of the crypto scene, and I too will continue, tho my allegiance to any specific platform is contingent on it adhering to the principles that started blockchain tech in the first place. I don't need no lambo, and I feel at odds with those whose focus is only that. They are the "mainstream hoards" that ware diluting the focus away from what will truly make a lasting difference in this world.


All it would take is 3 minutes of me explaining... that would make it clear as day. My actions may be strange and different, and out of the ordinary... but I'm still the same person I always was... and am.

Nothing has changed in that respect. I just was confronted, threatened, and dealt a non-winning hand. An ultimatum, that has locked me into secrecy about an issue... that I can't talk about. By not talking about it, keeps me safe.. keeps those around me safe... and that's the way the path currently is...

Don't think for a moment, I don't think about you often. I do. Do think for a moment when I able to make good on things, I still will. My ghost and my disappearance isn't by choice -- it was mandated. However, who I am, and my soul, remains intact.

Fear not, but fear itself... :)

If you only knew.... but you can't know. Such a weird predicament.

Just pray and wish for my welfare. Cuz that's the only thing I'm focused on.

I shall leave you with one hint. The blockchain has been infiltrated by nation states, at the highest level. They are among us. Be careful.