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Cryptocurrency exchange is a digital platform where crypto assess can be exchange for either flat currency or other crypto assess by customers. It is very similar to stock exchanges but in it case, only digital assess are been traded - on like the former where companies stocks and rear natural resources are been exchange for flat. Today there are more crypto exchanges with huge trade returns and assessable in many part of the world than before.
Unlike BInance, Hubio, Bitress, ONAM exchange platform is a new innovative exchange that is taking over cryptocurrency exchange world by storm; with its highly secured platform and enhanced exchange experience.The growth of the cryptocurrency is a welcomed development. However, present cryptocurrency exchanges have some issues rocking them, and this in the long run, would inhibit the growth of the cryptocurrency market.

What is ONAM?

The ONAM organize is a trade that offers the best and most recent progression in security, adaptability, straightforwardness, liquidity, support and consistence.ONAM has a series of features and tools that make it stand out from other competitors, allowing novice and experienced users a pleasant experience of using and maximizing the platform's potential to maximize its performance in the world of crypto.


ONAM about the lack of adaptation that have had several exchange on the massive expansion that have had the crypto coins and is something true I have seen that many have stopped accepting new users for that reason they have enough demand but does not have to supply it and that is where.most cryptocurrencies are not scalable. Infact, with the growth of the cryptocurrency market, it is certain that most cryptocurrency exchanges won’t be able to cope. It has happened before, where cryptocurrency exchange temporarily refused to create new accounts for intending users


Commercial Surveillance tools together with the encrypted databases, guarantees the security of your funds, and these millionaire losses of 266 million dollars in crypomenedas is no longer common and there is no fraud or theft and many fewer attacks that can break the security of ONAM that is what you are looking for with the help of machine learning technologies.ONAM's platform outperforms all the competition in terms of transactions per second and latencies. ONAM handles “10 million transactions per second with latencies as low as 40 nanoseconds.” Transparency – ONAM's Real-Time Market Surveillance and Compliance system surveys the ONAM network for irregular trading activities. Various characteristics and trade-types are closely monitored in order to generate Suspicious Activity Reports for the system’s regulators.


Market manipulation is forbidden on Onamexchange. Tools for real-time market surveillance, supervision and compliance system is always there to monitor every pre-trade,post-trade, usually larger trades, wash trades and so onn.

Customer Support

It is a point that few exchange houses touch only are limited to the basics and good experienced users suffer from them and resort to tutorials since the team takes hours both to verify your account and to answer questions in your operation ONAM aims to offer 24/7/365 live customer support via chats in multiple languages. Common issues will be addressed within 15 minutes via support ticket system. Phone support will be offered within the first 6 months of launch as well.

ONAM’s Regulatory Compliance

ONAM plans to obey this regulations, and it has already employed the services of one of the top law firms in the United States to handle all legal activities that may arise. With this, ONAM is a company that would operately freely, without fear of been shut down by regulatory authorities.

Onam Vs Other exchanges



the art security system and customer support is second to none. And being a compliant platform, ONAM is as legal as one could be. Combining all of this factors, ONAM can easily be considered as one of the best trading platform on the blockchain to date. Therefore, if you're a seasoned or even a novice trader, you should give ONAM a chance, because I certainly would.

The Team


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