The Price You Pay: Illusion Of Security

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Security breaches happen because companies ask for personal information when none is needed. KYC is only use to keep tab of who is doing what with how much while using the excuse of being apart of security. The fact is the government wants its money and will do anything to get it. Laws don't stop criminals from stealing your information when they live outside the bounds of it's laws reach.

I know this may be stating the obvious however it seems that this very fact gets passed when talking about security of your private information. When talking about cryptocurrency it should be a choice and not a demand to have a KYC in any trade of cryptocurrency because the biggest criminals are not from outside but with in using legal methods to steal your money with out our permission, I know i didn't agree with anyone taking my money that i "earned". So the question is, if you work for money and it's not yours who's is it?

When anyone tells you what you can or can't do with your currency its no longer yours rather it be reason of tax or someone coming up to you and forcing you to give your money over. Threat is used, "If you don't pay us we will come with guns and put you in a jail cell eating what we give you, sleeping when we tell you to". Sounds Criminal doesn't it. Mafia, gangs and other agencies operate in the same way.

If a government uses Commerce and tax items not needed ( food, clothing, shelter) it can generate enough money to operate it's operations needed to keep things functioning in an appropriate manner. Right now it's a free for all taxing everything that can be taxed with out repercussions from the people. The other form of tax most people don't understand is how inflation works and why it's another tax on the people.

If you print more and more money it degrades the value of the currency raising prices so your currency buys less. You need to understand that when a government pushes KYC on any form of cryptocurrency it's not meant to keep you safe but to tax you and put you back in chains. Right now when you earn cryptocurrency it's yours, no one has control over it, it's your responsibility to not lose it, don't hold a lot on ANY exchange as it's giving the keys away to that exchange. Simply put if you lose your money it's your problem, your fault.

If you want insurance on your money you can do it in ways that doesn't involve your personal information, a security code that you have set off to the side just for that insurance operation system. At the end of the day the government didn't make this currency and has no right to tax it as it's not apart of any sole country claim. If a country wishes to participate and invest time and money it can be apart of that system however if not then it can sit on the sidelines and watch the show because the show will go on.

The fact that a nation didn't create cryptocurrency means they have no say over it, I know governments makes the rules and has armies to do what ever they want right. What kind of government would make a move like that? Not a free society as most Americans think they have freedoms but that has been chipped away over the years and is turning into something else that is not constitutional based, having a constitution and living by it are two different things. Also taking into account the misleading, twisting from politicians of what the constitution stood for and it's purpose of protecting it's citizens from an abusive government to give them the ability to reset the government should things get to corrupt... but you wont find anything about that unless you do some real research.

The fact that whistle blowers have something to whistle blow about when it comes to a morality, respect, abusive actions against it's own people but gets ignored because they powers that be want to cover that up and move on to punishing people who try to stand up for it's own citizens is a problem and how we lose our freedoms and rights. You can pick to stand up or do nothing and lose everything.

Money is a store of value, it's the time you put into doing something, your time is valuable. If anyone trys to take that value from you it's a bad entity trying to enslave you, your value, your time, you. When you earn currency that is 100% earned by you, The government didn't come in and help you stack them box's or flip burgers busting your hump to try and make ends meet. It seems people are so programmed into thinking that it's okay for anyone to take something that you didn't give permission to take that we let them do it with out repercussion. I know you have been programmed to think its patriotic, that you're doing the right thing, that rocking the boat can cause you problems but the fact remains that if you had the choice you wouldn't hand over your hard earned money at least until you have your family feed with good healthy food, good clothes, a good home, enough money put off the side for school, transportation for everyone in your family and money aside for rainy days. Enough money/ currency to be secure should you lose your job you wouldn't have anything to worry about.

I know this is sort of a rant but perhaps someone will read this and help awaken them from the programming they are programed with. Maybe you don't want be awoke, Maybe you like doing whats expected of you like a soulless NPC in a world of nothingness.

...or perhaps not.

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