Cobinhood Exchanges Daily Xmas Coins Giveaway (No Documents Needed)

2년 전

If you are not aware Cobinhood is a japanese crypto exchange, which i have been testing since some time. Its on my no documents needed exchanges list and even i share a trick about it in my free ebook crypto income guide

But now they are running a cool Xmas giveaway. Every day you have 5 chances of getting coins for free and 5 chances of multiplying them with magic wish to Santa.

Before i show how it works here is how to get into this giveaway.
REGISTER WITH THIS LINK you just need username and email
Go to
Click redeem tickets and then make a wish.

My first try

And Others

Enjoy and Merry Xmas.


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i will join today of course using your link my friend

i hope they will also add XZC EXCL XMR and... STEEM not just ETH tokens


try it, good stuff and free just register

woo hoo! free coins!


everyone loves free + getting on cool exchange in the middle ;)

you post best giveaways this is sick bro

This is cool signin alteady

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Thanks. Signed up thru your link

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sweet, love ya!


you too man! get some presents =]

wow, they're still around!?

Nice. I have a Cobinhood account but didnt know about this! Gonna try it out!

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  ·  2년 전

How much one can get free coins in one day ?

We might try getting our Ambr on Cobinhood next year, heared great things about this exchange!

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doesnt add up too good man!

Speaking of giveaway. I really need your opinion about trading competition i want to get back all my losses and i think this is the solution.

now i will join discord of your link and enjoy alot

Thanks for pointing this out, got a few free SHPING and SVD out of it today :)

Good one, thanks.

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Thank you very much for pointing this out to me.

Crypto exchanges which don't require elaborate verification procedures are precious to me, simply because such verification procedures all seem to assume that everyone actually lives in their own home country. As an expat, I simply do not have most of the evidence they request; for example, all utilities are included in my rent, so I do not have a utility bill with my name on it.

The other nice thing is that their 2fa-via-SMS system didn't freak out when I inserted the additional 9 required by most Argentine cell phones. Yeah, you have to add a 9 in between the 54 country code and the area code. Why? Because Argentina.

So I signed up with cobinhood with great glee, and did the little slot machine thing for free altcoins. Now, while keeping firmly in mind the old adage about not examining the dentition of complimentary equines, I do notice that when checking the price of these free altcoins, the first significant digit is three or four places to the right of the decimal point.

Also, oddly enough, SHPING is down 42% (!!!) while most other cryptos are on the rapid rise

i joined with your link.

Nice article, out of interest what do you think are the most important factors in being a great exchange?

  ·  2년 전

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tnx bot

Cobinhood is based in Taiwan, not Japan.

I will try my luck on this site, thanks for sharing the info. Is there any geographical barrier?

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