Hdac ICO - Blockchain Backed by Hyundai - Internet of Things Niche

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There are loads of ICOs this days and im doing my best to share here only those which are most interesting and look solid. This time i got my eye on blockchain (not Ethereum token!) that is backed by huge corporation Hyundai.

tldr; Hyundai Digital Asset Currency is the full name and it is a decentralized platform made on blockchain that allows IoT machines to communicate and work with each other.

This is not something in works, this guys are already building huge apartament in China that is going to use the system

Internet of Things is a huge niche and im sure one of the things you have in mind is the direct competitor - IOTA.
Here is cimparison of this two.

Hdac IoT Contract

Things to Consider

  • Raised 13,000 BTC (in presale from Asian markets but English speaking ones are still not fully aware of them.
  • HDAC is created through the cooperation of Hyundai BS&C, DEXKO, Doublechain, and Hyundai-Pay. Hyundai BS&C.
  • They are creating a franchise called "Cafe de Block" in Seoul, which will advertise and accept Hdac. The first chain opens in the first week of December in Seoul
  • Their partners are Hancom Group, MODA group, KRP transactions, Worldwide Medical, and Oasis Lending Service. This names shoudld be known to CN and KR communities here.

ICO Info

Starts in just 7 hours!
ICO target is 6,000BTC
Exchange rate : 0.1BTC = 2,200dac (400dac bonus included)

Website: https://hdac.io/
Whitepaper: https://github.com/Hdactech/Hdac/wiki/Hdac-Technical-Whitepaper
Article (in chinese) about the building: http://www.segye.com/newsView/20170706002045
My other writeup: http://fuk.io/hdac-ico-blockchain-internet-of-things-platform-backed-by-hyundai/

Always do research before investing!

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Tough to bet against Hyundai, but as with all ICOs, buyer beware, and do your homework. I'm a believer in the the J-Curve when it comes to investing in cryptos. Wait for the pull-back after the initial hype, after enthusiasm fades and the speculators have left the scene. Once the developers have started hitting their milestones on the project and when the ICO has lost its initial luster, that is the time to pounce. Sure, you'll miss a few home runs with that approach, but in the long run, it's a prudent policy to follow.


The pre-sale (stage 1 and 2 was for Koreans only) raised 14,000BTC with the sale of 736,000,000 tokens. They effectively paid 5 to 10 times less than ICO participants in far greater volume. There's only 104,000,000 tokens being distributed during the general crowdsale. Expect it to dump hard as fk when it hits exchanges as pre-sale participants take up to 1400% profits immediately with large amounts (pre-sale was minimum 10 BTC investment).


good point raised...I agree


My god! Thanks for the information.
No way I will participate in their ICO now.


Which markets did they ICO on? Japan?


The bonuses are the plague of the ICOs. They attrack the speculators and cause the price dumps.


I tend to view ICOs the same way. I like the J curve description. So much hype at the start of most of them, better to wait a little and see, I think. And to do your homework, of course; read the white paper, see who's behind the project - simple, but essential! Then, ask yourself "is it vaporware?" Those who were around in the dot-com boom will know that phrase well, of the many ideas that were funded and never developed into viable businesses. I haven't done my research into this particular ICO yet, but just from the posting above it looks quite interesting, for a start. Merits a closer look.


Nice post.....


You analysed it well...good point indeed, upped.


@kingscrown as you said

"This is not something in works, this guys are already building huge apartament in China that is going to use the system"

Inspite of that due diligence work must still be done on the part of any investor, yes it interesting hyundai has embraced blockchain

Like the sound of that,wil have to check it out.Thanks for sharing.

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Very interesting to see Hyundai getting behind their own coin. I was just having a conversation the other day about how I would not be surprised if other large companies (cough, Amazon) don’t make their own crypto as well. This could increase their

Hi ,
Very interesting read, Thanks you for sharing it!


Amazing man! GO HDAC GO!! Thanks for your post!

information about blockchain and supported by hyundai company, amazing! success is always for you. :)


This is getting ridiculous. The sonata car-coin.


One coin gets you an oil change.

IOTA and how Hdac, the generation of IoT is really around the corner

At the risk of a downvote I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with your comparison here. The entire unique value proposition of IOTA is that it has a tangle and not a block chain whereas this is blockchain based tech.

The tangle allows for free transactions (among other things) which in turn allows for a much greater network capacity at 0 cost. For any application where high frequency 0 cost transactions are needed this is in no way competitive with IOTA and that has always been IOTA's niche.

This project is a blockchain based technology targeting IoT applications, but from a technology standpoint it has much more in common with bitcoin than IOTA. I feel like any analysis of IOTA that doesn't mention the tangle is missing the core concept behind the currency.


Thank you for this post.
Being new to crypto investing I need to look into IOTA now, I didn't know it was about the IoT.

Thing is, having seen enough of the auto industry and some of that from the inside I have a lot of faith in Hdac, Hyundai have the best late to the party business model I have ever seen, it took them a while to build up speed but in the last 20 year's the have become a force to recon with. That will make Hdac a very interesting coin to follow IMO.


Yeah, I have a lot of faith in Hyundai too so definitely not saying this coin can't win out, just felt the author's comparison wasn't truly fair as IOTA is built on a pretty groundbreaking idea. IOTA also has some backing from CISCO/MSFT, and as of today a 3B market cap so it is definitely a real competitor to what Hdac is trying to do.

From an investment stand point I'd definitely research IOTA, its shot about about 35% today alone.


Nice, will do.


A fair comparison I must say!


I agree, tangle separates IOTA from HDAC and makes it unique and in my mind that increases it's potential!


droopy is precisely correct on the technical comparison between a blockchain and tangle orientation in the case of HDAC and IOTA. I will play devil's advocate for a moment however, as I do not believe these projects will necessarily develop based on the technological considerations alone.

At the end of the day, all of these crypto-projects are going to require a serious infrastructural investment with commensurate merchant support implementation. In other words, the protocols can be perfectly sound and utilitarian, but if there is no point-of-sale mechanism in play, then it's all theoretical. Hyundai has the capital at its disposal to close this practical implementation gap exponentially quicker than IOTA. It stands to reason that since they will stand to gain the most in this venture, they will be very motivated to throw their considerable industrial/commercial weight behind promoting (pressuring) merchants and vendors to accept their system.

Really Now a days , there is flood of ICOs , its so difficult to judge and choose the right one

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Famous companies start investing and creating cryptos.
I can almost hear how Jhon McAffee is telling me, "I told you" while smiling.

cyptocurrency backed by a car gaint seems a bit like an oxymoron, the whole point of cryptos is that they are decentralised


They own many industries including the World's biggest shipyard and construction firms. Fingers in many pies, automotive is only a small fraction of their business.


Agreed with you very much. Many overvalue an ICO because they are associated to a corporation, indirectly degrading the real meaning of the crypto ecosystem. Hyundai began as an IPO. ICO is the alternative to the over regulated IPOs as well.


It is backed by Hyundai BS&C an IT and construction company, not Hyundai motors

now im only using bitcoin tell me which cryptocruncy is best and how can i get easily without investment

It is tough to bet against Hyundai, but as with all ICOs, buyer beware, and do your homework. I'm a believer in the the J-Curve when it comes to investing in cryptos. Wait for the pull-back after the initial hype, after enthusiasm fades and the speculators have left the scene. Once the developers have started hitting their milestones on the project and when the ICO has lost its initial luster, that is the time to pounce. Sure, you'll miss a few home runs with that approach, but in the long run, it's a prudent policy to follow. @kingscrown

Should be called Bitbrother. I assume every verification attempt will be a transaction, transacting their coin. It sounds wrong on many levels... lol... Thanks for posting, love the ICO announcements.


Good post..


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Good news thanks for sharing

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outstanding bro

Will be interesting to see. I wouldn't doubt a lot of Koreans getting behind this project just because the name Hyundai is attached to it. Will be watching this closely


They already have in the pre-sale where they spent 14,000 BTC.

Nice highlight post here. I met one of the founders of Iota in Chicago recently and was wondering how long it would take before someone launched something to compete. They had an amazing idea and that typically means someone else will try to get into the space.

Interesting to think how this token can be leveraged and if it will get traction in application...not just speculation, which is alright for a time as well.

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Bitcoin always booms, whereas other altcoins struggle to survive

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This is gonna dump hard when it hits the exchanges. You will be paying $0.37 for tokens when pre-sale buyers paid between $0.03 and $0.09 with 7 x the volume. I did a warning video about the pre-sale here: https://steemit.com/crypto/@bangkokhearts/hyundai-hdac-ico-review-recap-will-it-dump-on-exchanges

You'd have to be mad to go into an ICO at 10x the pre-sale price, especially when they sold 7 x the amount of tokens during that pre-sale.
Whales will dump this one hard for immediate 10x profits as soon as it hits the exchanges and ICO peeps will get burned.

Intense to wager against Hyundai, yet as with all ICOs, purchaser be careful, and get your work done. I'm an adherent to the J-Curve with regards to putting resources into cryptos. Sit tight for the draw back after the underlying buildup, after energy blurs and the theorists have left the scene. Once the engineers have begun hitting their points of reference on the venture and when the ICO has lost its underlying radiance, that is an ideal opportunity to jump. Of course, you'll miss a couple of grand slams with that approach, however over the long haul, it's a judicious arrangement to take after.

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i will share good crypto-signal....last night given signal okcash and its goes 10% profit..new signal coming

Will definitley check this out thanks to your post!! Thank you!!

IoT really is becoming a big deal, I like this move by Hyundai.

@kingscrown thank you for the info.
This is coin is worth following for long term success. Big industry already have a footground on any market.

That is the same point I tried to make in this post https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@iforge/newish-token
Sorry to plug my own blog but these are some of the long term Giants I think.

thanks for the post @kingscrown

really helpfull & learning blog thx for share👌👌

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up by telegram link

Thanks for the info of crypto @kingscrown 👍👍

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Thanks for this information.

Thank you for posting at steemit. Hope you enjoyed this post very much

Really hot news

It is nice to see Hyundai making steps in this space, though do they really need an ICO to raise cash for this? Also, comparing this to IOTA is not an apples/apples comparison, as IOTA is not intended for a 'digital cash' use case.

Lastly: what is up with the 3 almost identical responses in this thread below, they are almost copied and worded only so slightly different from each other. Comment-bots?

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Nice post but I did not understand the reality and surrounding aspects of this post, please tell me a little more.

Awesome post friend.
I like your all content because your content type and quality is so good.
best of luck go ahead friend.

Thank you for this post.
Being new to crypto putting I have to investigate IOT a now, I didn't have any acquaintance with it was about the IoT.

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Thank you @kingscrown

These days I see new ICO every after 3 days and so happy about it because this gives us so many opportunity to explore.

I am thankful to you for sharing this invaluable info :)

Thank you for posting at steemit. Hope you enjoyed this post very much

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Sounds very interesting! Can I ask you, what would you say is your primary source of information when it comes to crypto and ICOs?

Thanks for your post

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Great , Thanks for sharing
Hyundai Is very strong company and I hope to be the same in Crypto as I will invest in its ICO
but I see before Good companies like red pulse and its coin not has success
Do you thinks dac will be the same as red pulse ?
and should big brands mean success in crypto

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The fact that the name and reputation of Hyundai is behind this one means that a considerable amount of effort will be put into making this project work but that is still no guarantee that it will be successful. @kingscrown

So excited to see companies deploying blockchain/decentralized tech! It's all really exciting. First JP Morgan and now Hyundai! I think in due time alot of major companies are going to be moving to decentralized networking and I think that's what's driving the current value of BitCoin up. It's not in the market speculative price (although that's a big part of it)-- It's in the inherent value present in decentralized networking technology in general.

I did a bit of math this evening trying to find a reasonable upper bound for the price of BTC/ETH/Cryptocurrencies in general as a general sector of the world economy. From what I was able to put together, using BitCoin as an index price for the whole thing, BitCoin would need to go over roughly 100,000/USD$ for the whole thing to be non-representative of the total value of decentralized commerce vs. current value and assets of traditional commerce schemas. That is if you're optimistic about decentralized technology in general. It could end up being a flop in the end. We'll see. I sure hope not!

Hot tip to a public forum.. check.... all good and no bad... check... typical birth of a pump and dump.. check...

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@kingscrown In-freaking-credible!! What a fascinating use of blockchain technology
Thanks for bringing this to light - I enjoy following all your posts but stuff like this — where blockchain is integrating with today’s economy and laying foundational blocks for building the future — that’s the BEST info!

ICOs is truly a great alternative measure to invest in digital currency. Although, I am really amazed by the number of ICOs springing up in recent times. I sincerely hope the coinmarket doesn't get flooded.
It's great an investor does immense research before engaging or investing in any ICO.
Super awesome post

  ·  3년 전

@kingscrown What is your thought about ETHLend ICO?

  ·  3년 전

This is a very good content and quite interesting. Thanks.

Register Now: https://www.hotcrypto.com/acc/register/id/duybitcoin/
Start: Dec 15, 2017
Ends: Dec 31, 2017
Total Supply :19,000,000 Million HCR
ICO : 1,500,000 Million HCR
Algorithm : Equihash
Price at :Start 0.05$

blockchain is a good criptokarancy


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---Bitcoin is a train without brakes---

Thanks for sharing, I will check out the whitepaper and share it

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@kingscrown, any ICO's pulling your attention these days?
Only going by their subject theme the below are very interesting :
The Abyss
(Put your own)

Nice poste @kingscrown
Can you vote pleas in my blog

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IoT is a big fish, and this coin looks like a solid bet for the future. Thank you for posting