Garbage Pail Kids are available as NFT cards on!


Now, I’m seriously in trouble. The WAX blockchain has partnered with Topps, the trading card company. I’m not a sport ball guy, but fuck. Garbage Pail Kids! Dammit! My Achilles heel, for sure. I would say that GPK’s are 20% responsible for me pursuing art as a living. I have clear memories of drawing my friends in third grade. All of us, as our own GPK’s. “Kabob Kevin”, and “Mucus Mark”. I drew him with sticky boogers between his fingers rubber bands. This is just too much for me!

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I did something really nuts. I bought a $500 Sketchy rare Adam Bomb! I had the BTC, and I’ve wanted to get some skin in the game with WAX. Once I had it, though, the card was calling me. I don’t think there’s really a GPK card that represents the entire collections history more than Adam Bomb. He was on the packing of series one! It’s an investment, I guess. I resisted it on, so if it sells, it sells. If it doesn’t, I’m totally alright with that. The rest of my night has been spent picking up cheap rates.

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