Crypto-stuff detected #18 - Art of blockchain and blockchain of art

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My series of articles, about crypto-related stuffs, what i find while discover the cryptoverse. If you are interested about crypto, you can enjoy my selection!

This article is more teaser, less review, if you are interested, you have to follow one of the most important rules in cryptoverse: do your own study! So, i write, what you can read there, what i can read there, what they say there, and you have to do your own investigation, and make your own financial decision, it's your responsibility!


The platform have two main feature: you can make (or better say generate) your own artpiece with random assets, or you can upload your own asset-collection, what the other users can using. As you can read the name of dapp, this is a graphics-oriented community.
Personally im not a big fan of modern art, and i mean as modern, the mostly non-figurative or montage or patchwork-like or colored spots on a canvas. Next to this, i agree, this can be art too, because its depend on subjective taste, there is no general rules in the case of art. 8 billion people live on the planet, so its pretty sure, there are at least 8 billion interpretation of art :)

Screenshot from the Cryptographics homepage.

So if you are a collector, artist, or a "brickmaker" of art, you can find your way on there.
When you create something, your work will be an ERC-721 token, what is non-fungible, and being stored on ethereum blockchain. No worries about the ownership, the blockchain provides it to you, except you use a copyright stuff. The data will be stored on the blockchain too, but of course, the frontend (the homepage, where you can discover, sell or buy) will ban you, next to the legal consequences.


A place for artist and collectors, where they can reach each other directly, without middlemen or third party, focused on digital visual art. I think, in this sentence im just said the point. Its like an online gallery, with easy to entry, i guess. I dont know, how hard or difficult to sell our artwork, because im not an artist and i have no artwork. But what i know, it is, most of the artists aren't super-rich and famous and celebrated stars, even if they are geniuses, so sell our work, our results its same thing, when we are employers, and we want to sell our workpower or workhours to the companies. Always good, if we have more options.

Screenshot from the R.A.R.E. homepage

I think, many members of artist communities be glad for free publishing opportunities, and on the other side of story, many collectors or fans are happy, when they dont need to pay the fee for a third party. The blockchain give the transparency and the financial accounting.
On the homepage you can search to artworks, galleries or people, or you can just simple browsing and explore more art. IMHO there are better ones, like the random-generated digital paintings, but its just my taste :)


You are not an artist, but an investor, and you want to buy a share in a famous painting? The Maecenas project its is, what are you looking for.
With this service, you can be owner or partial owner in artworks, with insurance and legal assistance. And the best feature, this kind of investing its liquid, against the psychical arts ownership, because the Maecenas have own coin for the processes, what is the fuel of platform.

Screenshot from the whitepaper of Maecenas

Next to the well-known fact, in a diversified portfolio might contain artwork, the project offer more flexibility and security for the partners, and due the crypto-part of this, they have open doors for smaller investors too, the barriers aren't so high, like in case of oldschool fine art galleries or auctions.
So if you are a lucky combination of investor and art-lover, maybe it worth to check the project.


"A platform designed to reward image creators and photographers." Sounds like a hybrid of general stockphoto page and visual art community, where you can share, sell and buy. There are so much stockphoto service, it was just matter of time, than the crypto explored the area. We are talking about huge amount of money, i dont know correct numbers, but when i open a random article on a random newspage, there are stockphotos in most of the cases, and there are huge amount of newspage and articles. Images are everywhere.

Screenshot from the Pibble main page.

As almost everywhere in the cryptospace, also on Pibble the blockchain provide the transparency, the copyright, and the fee-avoid, or at least, the lower costs. Creators and consumers can connect directly, without middlemen.
They also have a teaser video, how the project works, check it for more details:


My verbal skills (especially the english ones) are not so professional to wording this well , but i think, this is the most amazing idea to cryptocurrency coldstorage, what i've ever seen. Yes, you read it well, this is a "simple" cold storage option, but the implementing is unique!
What are we talking about? You can buy a cool painting, what contain a bitcoin or other cryptocurrency adress (QR-code), of course with the private key, under a security sticker on the back. Currently the bitcoin, litecoin, dash, dogecoin and peercoin are available, and as you can read on the homepage, "All of our pieces are hand-created, produced as numbered limited editions, and include a certificate of authenticity."

Screenshot from the Cryptoart homepage.

You have a hack-proof paperwallet, a piggybank, and an awesome artwork in same time. Really cool idea, and really high quality product! Right now they offer three different size to standard frames, but you can keep it safe in the collector's book. IMHO, this last option its wasting of beauty, but can be good, if you want to ship your paintings :)

Note: the pictures are screenshots, and are from the official pages.

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Cryptoart is crazy cool!


You are right! So simple idea, and so big hit, im just wondering, why not exist since years :)


Maybe you could consider it, making digital asset-pack from your lined charts for a brand new art-style ;) Good idea or bad? :)


Not a bad idea...although I don't have an artistic bone in my body. haha ;-)

Cool compilation!