STEEM is the Opposite of Facebook's Libra

2년 전

Today Facebook made their big announcement. It was alright if you ask me, the problem of Facebook is that nobody trust those guys. Libro will be a stable coin and it will also be centralized. It can be a good project if they are responsible with their actions. At the end of the day Blockchain technology and is growing very fast and I think that Facebook doesn't want to miss out on this opportunity. China already has a system as the one Facebook is trying to build and they are doing great for what I know. That is another reason why Facebook is taking this effort to build up Libra and the wallet called Calibra.

I have mixed feelings about this, Facebook is a big company with a lot of positive and negative things. This project may help people transfer money faster and cheaper but the most benefited will be the top businessmen and the companies that are supporting this private Blockchain. I say private blockchain because not anyone can run a node, the ones that are approved had to pay 10 million dollars to do it, that is a lot of money. In Steem you can transfer coins free too and a new block is produced every 3 seconds, the difference with steem is that you can earn by creating content, by commenting and also by curating. With Facebook Libra there will be no chance to make money for the average person, maybe the only ways will be by selling products or services and be paid that way, not sure if that is going to be possible.

Here is a video that I found on YouTube, it is an interview by ScottBusiness with Andrachy

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