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The creation of the internet and its eventual going public ensured that almost anything we could imagine, we could achieve it.
In 2009, the bitcoin blockchain was created, and this extended the ways value could be transferred or shared.
BUMO is a blockchain based project which has the objective of creating a trust network within which value would flow as freely as information. Smart devices which are used all over the world would be used to acheive this goal. Users can assign value to what they want and agree on, transferring value using unique BUMO technologies like BU Foreworks, BU Canal, BU Orbits and also BU Codematch.
It provides users with a global network that enables tokenization of various forms of asset; loyalty points, insurance, game points, fixed assets etc. whose value can be freely circulated via various transaction chains with core technologies like BU Firework, BU Orbits, BU Canal and BU CodeMach etc. as quick as the rate at which information are transferred.

Advantages of using BUMO

The devices act as autonomous nodes in the network, each node can request to be a candidate node, BUMO through a lottery selects between the candidate nodes the nodes that will work as validation nodes, which will contribute to the maintenance of the network, to the development of applications and the creation of value. In this way BUMO guarantees that everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the platform and earn BU tokens, since the validation nodes charge transaction fees in the network.
Rapidity in transfers: when connecting digital assets, smart devices and user data, BUMO's enterprise-level infrastructure can perform 10,000 transactions per second. Users can carry out processes of buying and selling products, transfers or any other operation with greater speed than in other existing platforms.
Easy to use: the BUMO platform provides tools and templates so that anyone without technical knowledge can develop a dApps application to boost your business. It has a library of templates so that your users can do what they need in a simple and fast way.
Equality for all: it uses a mechanism where the chain of blocks is updated in a decentralized manner in any of the intelligent devices that participate in its ecosystem.
Creation of intelligent contracts: customers can execute their business agreements in BUMO in a simple way, has numerous templates so that anyone without technical knowledge can do so. In addition, the contracts are implemented in common programming languages ​​already tested, such as Javascript, C / C ++, Python, others.
System of incentives: its users can earn BU tokens developing their applications in BUMO, functioning as a validation node or according to the type of transaction and size. The value of these rewards can vary by voting on the participants in the network.
Adaptability and Flexibility: developers can propose improvements to the platform, which will be executed under the consensus of the participants. It is expected that its easy application motivates leaders and developers to participate in BUMO and receive rewards in BU tokens for their contributions, increasing confidence in the network.
Security: the platform is totally secure, its smart contracts guarantee that you will never lose your money, since it uses validation protocols.
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BLOCKCHAIN ON TRANSACTION AND DISTRIBUTION OF BUSINESS.The basic technology architecture is embodied in the zero marginal cost under the digital rule.The value creation mechanism is embodied in the zero marginal rule.The value growth mechanism is embodied in the “moore law” that is once crossing the inflection point, exponential growth will be realized immediately.The organizational mechanism is embodied in taking the community autonomy platform organization and ecosystem as the operation architecture.Cooperation mechanism is embodied in depending on consensus rather than instructions.

Incentive Mechanism

Furthermore, the BU token is the main driving force behind the BUMO network, its’ influence is based on the quantity of BU needed to fuel the platform and the BU in holding earned by participating in the governance and transacting on the BUMO network.

Simplicity and ease of integration

With BUMO, users are equipped with an already established framework – “a templates library and developer friendly design tools” which can be assessed and used in meeting users’ needs and expectations. In the light of this, no development knowledge is needed by the users to launch decentralized applications (dApps) on the blockchain. This further helps the users to achieve Internet of values.

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