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Inmining is a new innovative project that is ready to provide everyone with a unique opportunity to participate in cryptocurrency mining. Interestingly, if you decide to work with the platform, you will no longer need to buy equipment, assemble a farm, solve serious cooling problems and many other problems. You now get 100% access to advanced mining advanced technologies from world famous companies. A modern Data Center will be built on the territory of Russia in the Alabuga Special Economic Zone. The capacity of this center will be 10 MW.

The cloud mining model assumes virtual “rental” of capacities and regular payment of income minus the company's commission. At the same time, the client does not participate in the mining process itself: it is enough for him to choose a contract and transfer funds. Contracts vary in duration and volume of leased facilities. The commission is usually charged for each day and includes expenses for electricity, pool management, personnel, etc., as well as, of course, the desired profit margin of the provider.

The vast majority of projects offering cloud mining are nothing more than pyramids. Sooner or later, they disappear without a trace with the money of customers. Such fraudulent projects cannot be attributed to Inmining's competitors, since only the most trusting and least knowledgeable users can believe their promises. Such scam projects promise up to 100% profit per month, do not report any data on the location of their data centers.

Well, the advanced, innovative, technologically equipped Inmining project breaks into the sphere of mining. Inmining is able to efficiently and effectively solve all the basic problems necessary for organizing a large mining production. First of all, this is facilitated by the territorial location and conditions of the Alabuga Special Economic Zone. It is one of the favorable places in Europe for launching any major investment projects. This zone has all the necessary infrastructure. This is its own railway terminal which will ensure the full delivery of equipment. This is the security of the Data Center, which is guaranteed by fenced territory and professional security. There is also its own fire station.

In addition, the Data Center will have available electricity. Just imagine 350 MW of supplied power of the 1st and 2nd categories of reliability (by the way, 30% of them are currently free) and a free technological connection. Another important thing is the availability of tax benefits. The Inmining project will be exempted from land, property and transport tax for 10 years, since the free customs zone regime operates in the territory of the SEZ “Alabuga.

How Inmining Works

Inmining has the following advantages over competitors of this type:

  • Ability to join at any time. Inmining tokens will be freely available not only during the sale of tokens, but also subsequently, on cryptocurrency exchanges. Similarly, anyone who wants to become an Inmining member can do this at any time. Cloud mining providers regularly stop selling Bitcoin contracts when they do not have free mining equipment.
  • Transparent process. Inmining data center will be built in the next few months, and its location in IES Alabuga is known. This distinguishes the project from cloud mining providers, which often do not have their own mining equipment.

Main advantages of using BlockBox AC equipment:

  • High efficiency. BlockBox AC Mobile Data Center consists of 176 air-cooled servers.
  • Innovation and scalability. BlockBox AC is one of the most powerful and low-cost solutions that currently exist in the Bitcoin mining market.
  • Mobility. BlockBox AC is a mobile container-type Data Center that can be placed at any convenient geographical point.
  • Stability and reliability. BlockBox AC provides round-the-clock monitoring and professional technical support, which in turn guarantee high system performance and a quick solution to any problem.
  • Remote performance monitoring. BlockBox AC owner can remotely monitor the status of equipment using a regular browser or mobile application.
  • State-of-the-art technology. BlockBox AC Mobile Data Center has the ability to upgrade by replacing only the necessary components.

Key IEO details

INMG = 0,1$

IEO: 25.09 - 12.10

The Inmining ecosystem is based on the INMG token. This is a utility token of the standard

ERC20, which will give holders the opportunity to participate in two key


  • The regular lottery, where part of the profit from shared pool
  • of mined Bitcoins;
  • Participation in surveys on important issues of the project development (scaling
  • production, conclusion of partnerships, participation in new technological projects).

As you can see, this is a promising campaign that has many advantages. Reliability, safety are guaranteed here.

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Author: Derkovski (;u=2532827)

ETH wallet: 0x791258d60fa279f76a72E386A2aEC7A8acFc5339

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