HubrisOne : Fully Licensed and Regulated Non-Custodial Crypto-Fiat Smart Wallet

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A lot of projects have been rising left and right and honestly, it's really hard to determine which one will make or break it. Quite difficult to just judge by its face value. Some of them look really professional, backed by celebrities or some well-known name in sports or whatnot.

So let me share with you my favorite new token, HBRS. Go to the website here:

One of the fastest rising in crypto is HubrisOne. They've been here for quite a while taking their sweet time in developing their products. You can join their telegram here and get the latest about their progress.

HubrisOne aims to increase the adoption of cryptocurrencies all over the world by linking the old fashion banking with blockchain and cryptocurrencies. To be able to provide Banking Services to those who don't normally use typical banks but are using cryptocurrencies.

At the moment, little by little HubrisOne is being adopted by many people all over the

What I like about them is- they stick with the plan. And if there are any minor changes, they see to it that it's properly communicated. They will never leave you in the dark. That for me is a big thing- coz I've joined projects before where admins are hardly ever reachable and no one is there to answer your queries.

At the moment HBRS is currently trading at these exchanges:

  1. BitRabbit -
  2. BankCex -
  3. CoinLim -
  4. ExMarkets -
  5. Swft -

You can do your trade in any of those I listed exchange above. I, however, prefer to Hodl my HBRS. Honestly, I feel like this might rival that of Enjin or Eidoo. That's just me. I have a very good feeling about this project. The team behind it is very hardworking and you know that the project is very much alive based on how they are actively developing their products.

With HubrisOne wallet you can easily pay friends with just their Email or phone number. You can also instantly buy, sell or exchange your tokens on this app alone. You definitely can do a lot of things- and they're still in the early part of development. This project is in for lots of great surprises. Don't get left behind. Get your HubrisOne wallet now and get your bonus 500 HBRS after registration! You also can get 500HBRS for every referral .

Download the App now:

A lot of different currencies are now listed on HubrisOne wallet. Very easy to use and convenient.

Here are the HBRS token details:
Fixed Supply: 1 Billion
Blockchain: Ethereum (ERC20)
Circulating Supply 150 Million HBRS

If you want to learn more about the awesome HubrisOne, you can also read the whitepaper here:

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