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Cryptonity is the combination of two words: Crypto and Community.
Simple but strong and meaningful, our goal is to exchange that is respected by the cryptocurrency community. We aim at providing the most comprehensive, secure, transparent and collaborative exchange platform in the market.
We want to bring good vibes to the Crypto World, breaking with the 'only profit' policy of most exchanges.

Cryptonity Solutions
A comprehensive "Cryptosystem"
Provide our users with the most ergonomic and performant trading tools.
Users who own our Cryptonity Token (XNY) to be granted with the lowest fees in the market.
We plan to develop our own Blockchain and a decentralized exchange with the participation of our community through a rewarded program.

Security & Insurance
Providing our users the most secure trading platform, working with the best security experts in the market, audited twice a year by independent security companies.
First crypto exchange to provide our users with insurance in case of losses.
A Community centric trading platform
Involve the crypto community in the evolution of the platform to meet their needs and requests: features to be developed, coins to be listed, etc.
Responsive multilingual customer service, low fees and fully transparent policy.
"Forks", "Airdrops", "Staking Rewards" and "Masternode" features to be implemented.

Sales Token
Symbol Token: XNY
Token Type: ERC20
Total Supply Token: 100,000,000
Token Price: 0.23 $
Minimum Transaction: 0.05 ETH
Minimum Goal: 500,000 $
Maximum Goal: 20,120,000 $
Public Sale 1 Starts: Oct 31, 2018
Public Sale 1 End : Nov 30, 2018
Public Sale 2 Starts: Nov 30, 2018
Public Sale 2 End: Dec 14, 2018
Public Sale Start 3: Dec 14, 2018
Public Sale 3 End: Dec 31, 2018

recommend this Cryptonity:
guarantee a more complete, reliable, colorless and collective exchange platforms in the auction.
1 I wish to provide our users with the most secure
trading platform. In order to accomplish this mission, I will function with the most popular experts in the field of security in the exchange, was audited twice during the independent security firms, and brings together our control results with the aim of absolutely all our users. Our partners according to the security will be mentioned in our website. Follow on in guaranteeing our users a reliable trading skill, I will set up an insurance document for the purpose of refund
our users in case of overhead-due to the attack. You will find the most detailed information about our insurance policy further, in the field of the basis of exchange.
2 collective communication with our users.
It is more than certain that I am involving our users in the development of our platform. I will have different channels of communication disclosed in order to interact with our users, and I will certainly give an answer to our requirements of users in the shortest possible time. I wish for our society to participate in the development of the platform, in terms of functions, which will be invented, coins, which will be listed, and thus then. "Request Evaluation" role will be performed with the aim of users, in order to imagine the functions that they would like to notice in the landing stage.

token called Cryptonity Token,
the symbol XNY.
token Cryptonity released in the Ethereum blockchain. In the future, the platform will develop a personal blockchain.
One HUNDRED million cryptonity tokens.
The platform will not increase the emission of tokens, and in addition to buying them. The plan considers such effects are Manipulated.
When you use the token plan will be presented to the owners own eternal benefit 50% in Cryptonity exchange fees. Someone will also allow
the owners carry out assistance in certain functions similar as well as a referendum because of the "coin of the month".



For more information about CRYPTONITY, you can send message to

Bitcointalk Username: menoharrison
Bitcointalk Profile Link:;u=1734340

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