Muzika — Transforming the Music World through Blockchain Closing the Gap Between Music Artists and Fans

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introducing Muzika

Muzika “transforming the music world through blockchain closing the Gap between Music Artists and fans”. Muzika aims to lessen or remove profits from distributor, producers, and platform that will make music artist to gain more profits. Muzika is a free to use platform for music artist, “free” means no commissions or profit will be deducted from musicians that’s why musicians will get 90% of the profit using Muzika. Unlike other ICO’s they will start with proven service just they will improve it the platform behind Muzika is Mapiacompany Inc. the biggest and first online piano music platform in South Korea with more than two million users. It’s a good start since forty percent of South Korean’s are music streaming subscriber, highest among all nation.

Muzika is a progressive penny economy that will reshape the global digital watch industry. From some sides, Muzika has revolutionized the tracking business by using a proper and impartial digital music ecosystem that would:
1.Removing meaningless intermediaries,
2.Empowering musicians and consumers,
3.Distributed power distribution, and
4.Restore currency stability of distribution among market participants.

Muzika keeps the promise of the future, where compensation for music creation is proportional to effort and dedication to the creative process.
Features of Muzika network:
Self-sustaining, Muzika platform will be complete and all the needed activities needed for a music platform will be available. Like comments, brainstorming, feedbacks, and others.
A market for musical mechanize and service
Patrons and sponsorships, any user can sponsor artist that they support as a reward for their sponsorship they will be given some benefits on the platform that exclusively for sponsors.
Musical contest programs, Muzika knows some talent may be hidden in the platform some auditions for the musical contest might be held in the platform
Live streaming for events like concerts
Streaming music

About the project:
Muzika - in essence, this project is the solution to all problems. This platform has an important and main factor, it is the absence of commissions. And this means that any user or performer will be able to interact with the project and push their content to the general review. The project itself is free for all users, that is, come in, listen and enjoy. This is also one of the main factors of the project.
I would like to say about the technology used in this project. This is one of the newest technologies called blockchain. Thanks to this technology, openness, transparency and, most importantly, the safety of users and all project participants are achieved. This is an important factor that I would like to mention. Also on the project smart contracts will be applied, thanks to which transparency will be introduced into all transactions made on the project will be as safe as possible, and also so transparent that no one can fool you.



Key functionalities which will be the focal point in Muzika platform :
Community support for artists by building groups for creative brainstorming, crowd-funding, exchange of feedback etc.
Provide community members with marketplaces for streaming, sheet music, instruments, and more.
Sponsorship Opportunities for fans to support their favorite artists and in return enjoy benefits like exclusive & sponsor-only products, services, and opportunities to be involved in the creative process of a musical product.
Community programs and events like auditions, contests, live-streaming events.
You can test how in the real environment, fans community activities (for example, like & share) will be rewarded with loyalty points and converted into MZK coins. Test here >>
The official global launch of the Muzika ecosystem is expected to be ready by Q2 2019.

To know more about Muzika,

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