Relictum Pro Blockchain: A Blockchain Innovation Par Excellence

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The evolution of blockchain
Blockchain may barely be a nascent technology, but its utility has advanced from just facilitating peer-to-peer (p2p) transaction of digital payment to enabling the transfer of almost anything of value with a permanent digital footprint that can be audited and verified. The transparency, immutability, security, and decentralization of blockchain have sparked interest in the technology among individuals, corporate organizations, and even governments. This explains why new blockchains are being developed to cater for the requirements of users across all board while improving on inherent problems of older generations of blockchain.

It is true that there is no perfect system in the world, reason why there is provision for 'updates' in techs, but blockchain has got a number of challenges to contend with. Large block size, scalability, alarming energy consumption, slow rate of transaction, increasing mining fees and problem of private key loss are some of the major issues limiting blockchain from global adoption.
The first blockchain generation, Bitcoin and its forks, have very limited functionality and legions of inherent problems. Scalability and the energy intensive proof-of-work (PoW) consensus are serious pain points for this generation of blockchain. The second generation, principally, Ethereum blockchain, expanded the functionality of the blockchain in a way that spiraled so many startups to venture into blockchain. Notably is tits smart contract and decentralized application building functionality. But the network was also plagued by low throughput and the demons of PoW.

The third generation of blockchain emerged as solution to the scalability and energy issues bedevling earlier generations. The Proof-of-Stake consensus (PoS) and others were introduced. Another innovation birthed in this generation is the interoperability of chains. The fourth generation of blockchain sought to advance on the features of the third generation in terms of confirmation time, improved consensus, using various techniques. Some even claim to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) in their solution.


But the question still remains? Are existing blockchains ready for mass adoption and use across any sphere of human concerns without fail?
This necessity has birthed a new blockchain, moving on from the world of previous generations, into a new class of its own - Blockchain 5.0.
It is the Relictum Pro Blockchain.

What's Relictum Pro?

Relictum Pro is the next-generation high performance ultra-modern blockchain platform that serves the requirements of both private and public environments. The platform is 100% peer-to-peer and can be deployed on any kind of kind of device, whether thin clients, devices with powerful processors or latest advanced computing devices. Relictum Pro is fully developed to meet all requirements of human endeavors.

Relictum Pro is a limitless distributed registry fully equipped with smart contract capability for any sphere of human life. Relictum Pro seeks to host any aspect of human ventures such as trading activities, copyright and intellectual property protection, record storing, mortgage, real estate, supply chain, election as self-executing smart contracts to digitize and streamline human transactions.

The Defining Characteristics of Relictum Pro


Relictum Pro is distinguished by its innovative scheme of blockchain organization as a means to address inherent issues in existing blockchains.

While current network organization of modern blockchains is based on p2p network, Relictum blockchain infrastructure employs a distinctive protocol based on the TCP/IP protocol, in which a virtual communication channel with each node is formed over the Internet; currently this is the _HyperNet. By utilizing this virtual channel, the network organization on the Relictum Pro blockchain offers a lasting, stable connection between all nodes, and faster data transfer speed.

A new consensus mechanism
Relictum Pro uses a unique consensus algorithm, Proof of Tsar (PoT), with protection from hash collisions, nodes typing and their conditions. The nodes in the network are led by a single main node - Tsar, to which "Generals" nodes report. While "Generals" forward transactions to "Tsar", the latter gives blocks to the former which they distribute to other nodes in the chain. The "Tsar" and "Generals" are automatically chosen and continually dynamic. A node can only assume a "General" and "Tsar" status once in their entire lifetime at any time of network regeneration. Through this PoT mechanism, malicious acts such as double spending disappear.

A new block organization
One of the problems at hand is that most existing blockchains perform unsatisfactorily with complexly organized data; Relictum Pro offers to adapt its blockchain architecture to the ordered and multifaceted aspect of human life that involves trust. In the network, only the hash of one event is recorded in the block, and it is immutable. By so doing, all manners of collisions are dismissed. Further, when a new block is being formed the complete hash of the previous block and the serial number of the block is taken. The network consists of the Master Chain and various independent chains organized into a four-dimensional model of the organization of distribution of blocks.

What is Relict Coin (RLC)?
RLC is the primary coin of the Relictum Pro blockchain. The coin is a stable coin built on mathematical algorithm that resist inflation due to external economic and political influence. This helps to address the problem of high price volatility in cryptocurrency, which is serves as a bane to adoption of cryptocurrency as payment tool by businesses.

RLC stable coin is forged on the principles of relic radiation.

Relictum Pro Blockchain is an innovation of the future brought to the present. The innovations designed in the network does not only improve the efficiency of the blockchain but also elevates the technology in ways that revolutionize performance, transaction throughput, security, and utility of the blockchain in all spheres of human life.

Welcome to a new age of blockchain innovation built to add value to human life; welcome to Relictum Pro ecosystem.

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