CateredContent- Bridging the gap between blockchain brands and content creators

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As far as writers go, there's no greater joy than creating a piece that accurately captures the author's intent, such that any one who picks it up can also see through same lens.

However, as comforting and refreshing as the bespoke milestone is, if there isn't any monetary benefit to it, its only a matter of time before the creative hats start to fade out. This, alongside a few other factors are what constituted the feedstocks for remodelling fronts and channels to suit the needs of the modern day content writer. But by now, you should already be familiar with the cliché that man is insatiable. Beyond just a cliché, the reality of the matter is, its an actual statement of fact. There's no gain in denying the fact that the likes of twitter, medium and reddit have done a great deal of job by enabling the average writer with a means to potentially make the world his stage, even from the comfort of his home. Meanwhile, community-based cryptocurrency platforms like steemit, and weku have begun to provide writers with an incentive for active participation by rewarding the latter with native currencies of the respective platforms. With all of these mouthwatering opportunities, its obvious that for the most part, choice will based on individual preference and needs.

The rest of this publication entails a review of CateredContent and how, rather than compete with existing platforms, it facilitates an indirect collaboration so that writers can write, earn and still enjoy the benefits of using such platforms like twitter, medium or Instagram.


What is CateredContent?

CateredContent is a web platform that is specifically tailored to meet most of the needs, if not all, of an average cryptosphere-savvy content writer. More accurately, the platform is an interface that serves as an intermediary between cryptocurrency brand owners (host) and content writers.
Here, users will be rewarded in the currency of the host.

The undermentioned are some of the listless array of features that obtains on CateredContent.

Multiple Fronts for Sharing + Reward earnings

It is imperative to first of all establish that CateredContent is not a blogging platform, but rather a front for conveying created contents to the respective hosts. So, the modus operandi typically leaves no restriction as regards what platforms to post, except on some occasions whereby it is specifically stated. But even in such instances, more than one channel would still be available for the purpose of coverage.


As humans, we've come to accept that its impossible to eat one's cake and still have it, but as far as CateredContent users are concerned, it will be possible. This implies that content writers would have wide coverage possibility and an opportunity to earn, while hosts will reap access to original contents and massive audience reachability.
It's an absolute Win-Win for all.

Scoreboard and Ranking

Another interesting thing is the scoreboard feature. Its a means to encourage a sense of competitiveness that is absolutely healthy. This will empower users psychologically, to raise the bar, in the process growing into the full stature of their mental capacity. Summarily, the rank system is a means to foster healthy sportsmanship and harness individual latent potentials.


Converter tool

It would also interest you to know that the platform was one of the first to integrate OnePageX cryptocurrency converter tool. This was specifically done to aid users in converting those coins or tokens that they are less familiar with, to popular ones or, for whatever intent as far as crypto conversion goes. OnePageX provides conversion for an estimated 140 cryptocurrencies, which is sort of a big deal today, considering its simplicity and user-friendliness.


CateredContent is a perfect fit for today's brand of content writer. Being able to consolidate majority of the pre-discussed needs on one front, without attempting to compete with existing platforms is a laudable feat. Hence, I have no doubt in mind that CateredContent is here for good and will positively impact the way the general public views the crypto sphere.

For more information, visit CateredContent

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This is truly a mastermind. For years now, content creators around the world have struggled to earn recognition and monetary value all to no avail. Cateredcontent has provided a lifeline on a silver platter. I'm impressed!

This is good news to all content creators out there!
Nice review @michades97!