CoinCasso- A Hybrid Exchange Platform for The Crypto Community

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The introduction and emerging prospects of cryptocurrencies in global economies has spiked up the quintessence of trading and exchange platforms in recent times. More importantly, attention has been shifted to modern exchange platforms that offer more customer autonomy and inclusion in major decision-making matters. Sadly, very few cryptocurrency exchanges today meet this specification.

Majority (exchange platforms) often start well, following the script just as they said they would during the ICO. Along the line however, the reportage changes to absolute centralisation (as history has shown, in at least 99 % cases) and so we've seen a repeat of the vicious cycle over time.

Thankfully, there’s a potential game-changer lurking in the sphere that will hopefully cater for the ailing needs of the expansive community of crypto users. The rest of this article details an extensive review of CoinCasso and its compelling features.

CoinCasso- Our Solution

CoinCasso is a multi-funtional, multi-layered exchange platform whose governance system is based on harnessing the pros of both centralised and decentralised exchange.


The decentralised aspect comes to play in the area of users’ private key security. Unlike in a typical centralised exchange, only the actual owner will have access to the keys as it won’t be stored on the chain. It was also necessary to impose some level of centralisation in CoinCasso’s architecture in order to first- promote high liquidity, amongst other reasons.

Interestingly, CoinCasso is fully licenced throughout the European Union.

It might also interest you to know that the team is alive to the importance of inclusive governance, hence, all stakeholders (users) would be allowed to make inputs in every decision-making process that pertains to the development of CoinCasso. The good side to such community-centric model is that it encourages users to truly feel like stakeholders as they should, and even more, they (users) will be rewarded for that.

Here are some interesting features of CoinCasso exchange platform:

24/7 Server Uptime and Customer Support

The concept of cryptocurrency is ideally a beautiful one. Of course, the incidence of being able to perform transactions by yourself without requiring third parties such as banks (especially with all their bureaucracy and transactional fees) is great and should be naturally palatable to all. However, for many people, once they got to learn of the technicalities and risks associated with cryptosystems, it immediately became unattractive. For the rest that took the risks nonetheless, they would have vagaries of stories to tell about their peculiar experience.

Personally, the system can truly be complex but if there’s such a thing as a technical support to always walk users through, attaining mass adoption of cryptocurrencies globally won’t be so much of a tall order as it is today.

Unfortunately, the best obtainable on most exchange platforms today are computerised responses. Considering the fact that these A.Is, often left at the helms of customer support are constantly optimised, based on experiences, a new challenge will render the same useless.

At CoinCasso however, user satisfaction and experience is of primal importance. As such, the team will ensure provision of 24/7 customer support on the platform.

Fiat Channel & Vast Cryptocurrency Support

As CoinCasso is obviously still in its nascent stage, the team will immediately set the ball rolling, accepting these fiats- PLN, USD, EUR, GBP. In the near future however, more fiat channels will be added.


Furthermore, CoinCasso exchange platform will provide support for a vast number of cryptocurrencies. This will go a long way to cater for all and sundry in the crypto-community.

Multi-layered Security

The level of security employed on CoinCasso’s platform is purely innovative. Majority of users' funds are stored in the platform’s cold wallet, which is hardly prone to hack.

Aside, users are required to fulfill the KYC registration before they can enjoy full-access. This will help ensure user safety and at the same time, help the team quickly identify potential fraudsters and rid the system of them.
In addition, 2FA verifications will be required in order to confirm a major account operation on CoinCasso. Whereas, the partnering bank as submitted by the user to CoinCasso, will be responsible for the security of the fiat.

Reward System for Holding

Here, users are incentivized to hold CCX tokens ( CoinCasso’s native currency) by rewarding them with dividends from circulating platform revenue.
It gets more interesting! Depending on the number of days that the CCX token holder is able to keep the currency in the stipulated verified wallet, he can get up to 50% discount on trading fees._20190509_161424.jpg

System Integration

CoinCasso’s team is forward-thinking and the fact that API integration is an essential part of the platform’s blueprint speaks volume of this.iphone2.png
It extends from integration of the CoinCasso software into PoS terminals, mobile apps, payment gateways, proprietary trading, tickers, amongst many others.

Use Case

Timi is a clever cryptocurrency trader with several years worth of experience. In the last three months however, Timi has counted more losses than the aggregate of all his losses from inception till date. And really, its not been much of his fault. His has been one of those unfortunate cases of premeditated cyber hack. Well, he has been doing a great job of acting like all is going smooth.
With the recent incident of security breach on a major exchange like binance, he is no longer sure. Perhaps, he should just count his eggs and leave.

Thankfully, before Timi does anything rash, he luckily stumbles on CoinCasso one day and his confidence level got a boost.


In times past, several cryptocurrency exchange brands have come to solicit for the teeming community's support, but in the end, most of them often deviate.
On the other hand, it appears that CoinCasso is truly capable of delivering on their promise. Well, time will tell.

All things being equal, I am confident that the same with supersede public expectations.




For more information:
CoinCasso Website
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N.B: All images were culled from the website and whitepaper

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