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Considering the pace of growth of the blockchain sector, it might take eons before the technology can become accessible and useful to the man on the street. Inadvertently, this defeats one of the foremost objectives of technology, though in the short run, which is to ease human living.

Amongst blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts however, it is no doubt the next best thing on the block. Funny enough, the distributed ledger technology is hardly a new creation. As a matter of fact, this year makes it 11 years since the first blockchain; Bitcoin was created.

Beyond these, there are certain bottlenecks that currently hamper the growth and acceptance of blockchain globally. Some of them include: slow transaction processing, insufficient storage infrastructure, exploitative security infrastructure, amongst others.

The reality is there are a number of blockchain platforms that offer swift transaction validations, just as there are those with robust state-of-the-art security infrastructure, and there are players that can easily cater vast storage facilities. Regardless, there is a budding problem and it stems from that gospel of the corporate business world which has become commonplace in the digital sphere- identifying and sticking to a unique selling point, which in itself is good. But blockchain is inherently a technology that supports new businesses with a view to tokenise, and cater a variety of services. So sticking to one selling point does not quite cut it here. For example, if blockchain A has high-level security but a poor processing speed, it grossly affects the growth and outlook of applications onboard, and this has a telling effect on the fate of the blockchain community in the long run. Fortunately, some players in the industry have begun to come into know of this.
Proximax is one of such promising ones.

What is Proximax?

Proximax is a digital infrastructure that is for the most part, blockchain-driven. But it is much more than the typical blockchain technology. And, I won't exactly call it an improvement on existing technology. It is a hybrid framework that comprises the following core services: streaming, sirius chain, private database, storage and supercontract.

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Distinguishing the wolf from the pack

The interesting thing about Proximax is the fact that it offers all of the above-mentioned services on one front, which is quite remarkable considering what currently obtains in the blockchain industry.
And the gateway of possibilities that Proximax's core services opens us to are numerous, but hold that thought for a while. Let's quickly explore the direct benefits of this revolutionary infrastructure.

Proximax provides adequate tools for new projects to develop, launch and meet their set goals

The earlier mentioned shortcomings of existing blockchains present business start-ups and organisations that are looking to integrate the technology with limited choices. Some are forced to settle for less than the set goal, while others are forced to outsource, in order to make up for the deficit functionality. But Proximax offers a cheaper and hassle-free solution. With all of the most sought services hosted in one place, it encourages deployment of any type of project.

Some potential use cases

Private Database- the management of a private hospital chain is looking to go fully digital because the classic hardcover filing system has been anything but efficient over the years.
After weighing the pros and cons of 5 top blockchains, the team was convinced that Proximax is best fit. Aside catering database services, they (the management) are convinced that this technology would help them build a better competitive edge.

Gaming- Gone are the days when people just played games for the fun of it. Multiplayer games with in-app purchases now dominate the industry. But the integration of payment gateways is by and large, still gestating.
Considering Proximax's cutting edge streaming, Sirius chain and supercontract architecture, it will be a good tool to deploy a frontier game.


In all, Proximax is a truly visionary project that perhaps holds the key to real-time utility of blockchain, as part and parsle of our everyday activities. So, I guess time will tell. But if anything, it's an infrastructure that is essentially built to lower the barrier of entry and project management for blockchain enthusiasts and application developers. And, that is value!

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