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Unfortunately, due to pandemic more and more people are getting unemployed. The stats of unemployment have gone through the roof and a lot of companies understand that and are actively searching for competent people to join their teams. However, recruiting process was never easy, it usually take weeks if not months to hire someone that would fit the job.

Furthermore, the costs of recruiting process for a firm are between 4000 and 15000 USD depending on the position level. Can blockchain technology improve those stats and make the recruiting process easier, fast and cheaper? Lets talk about Ispolink a blockchain based company that aims to solve those issues.

Ispolink is a relative new company that was founded in Q3 2019, nevertheless Ispolink has already achieved a lot from completing the idea by releasing the whitepaper and launching the official website, conducting several big partnerships and starting the first marketing activities. At the moment they are actively working on the ALPHA version of their platform and collecting funds via private sale.

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So what is Ispolink? Ispolink is an automated job platform that will include AI and blockchain algorithms to find the best candidates in the shortest period of time for the lowest costs. Ispolink will offer an end-to-end solution where all activities starting from job offer publication and ending with a personal interview within their platform so no extra efforts will be needed.

Usually takes from 1 week to several months to find the best candidate. This happens because of the overwhelming number of CVs, huge money and time efforts to select few good candidates and even more to meet them in person. It does not take 30 minutes, but much longer for a job interview and there are often several rounds of those. To highlight it once again, for every company in the world, the hiring process costs a lot of money and efforts from employees and management. Ispolink is going to offer several solutions to those problems including Automated CV Screening, Verified Education, Crypto payments, Feedback, AI functions, employer branding and much more.

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Let’s take a look at Ispolink team members, including Emanuil und Nikolay Pavlov, the cofounders of Ispolink. Emanuil is the CEO with a bachelor’s degree in business management and years of experience in blockchain indutry, was a Business Developer at Latoken, another popular crypto exchange. Nikolay is responsible for a technical part including programming in Java and Python.

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The main aim of Ispolink is to ensure that the hiring process should be pleasurable for both parties, save money on the whole process and to do it fast. So how exactly, is Ispolink going to improve recruiting process? Here is how:

  • Machine Learning: Ispolink with implement AI algorithm that would do a big job on both sides. If you are looking for a job, AI would search for offered jobs that would reflect your interests, working experience and education. On the other side, if you are publishing a job offer, the system would automatically offer candidates that would fit the job based on described criteria. In other words, companies would be able to contact candidates and offer them a job. This function will reduce the time and costs dramatically.

  • Blockchain Payments: Ispolink will integrate a native ERC029 token named ISP to perform all the necessary payments within the system. Furthermore Ispolink will offer an attractive referral program. So, if you invite your friend and he or she gets the job, you will get a commission fee for helping to recruit a user that was signed. Furthermore, blockchain technology will assure that payments would be performed safe, fast and will have low fees.

  • Automated CV Screening: This part closely refers to Machine learning feature, but goes a little bit further. As we have already mentioned AI will screen the CVs and job offers to get the best candidates. Furthermore, each candidate will get a certain score from 0 to 100% depending on how good the matches are.

  • Verified Education: It is a very common problem that people are writing all sort of information in the CVs with a hope to get a job. It is extremely difficult to verify this information and it might lead to misleading consequences for the company by hiring someone that cannot do things that were mentioned in their CV. Ispolink solves this problem by partnering with leading universities and creating a public blockchain ledger that can verify education degree.

  • Video Resume and Instant Feedback: One picture can tell more than 1000 words, imagine what an impact can a video CV make on a hiring company? Ispolink is going to offer such opportunities of recoding a video resume for users that want to apply for a job. However, another big problem is feedbacking that people are not getting after sending their CVs. Usually companies are only taking successful candidates into consideration leaving all others apart. Ispolink is going to offer a fast feedback matrix that could be sent within a single mouse click so all attendees will get their feedback.

  • Easy job search and user friendliness: Not only money and time is the core mission of Ispolink, they want to make the whole recruiting process really easy and reliable. Things like CV screening and matching percentage will make it extremely easy for both sides to understand if they fit each other’s expectations.


During the last several months Ispolink has onboarded one of the most performing altcoins on the Market: Matic Network. The core idea of partnering with Matic is the usage of their Layer-2 scaling technology that will help to increase the productivity and scalability of Ispolink platform. Moreover, this will reduce transaction fees by around 100 times and increase transaction speed.

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Ispolink is currently preparing everything for an IEO that would be announced on a later date. Right now you can contribute to this project by taking part in their private sale round. Terms are pretty simple, you will get a 20% discount on ISP tokens, the minimal amount to take part is 500 and the maximum is 20000 USD. Do not forget to read the conditions carefully, 50% of purchased tokens would be locked for 6 months after token listing. The process is very simple, you just need to submit this google form by fulfilling all the needed information and team members will get in touch with you.


All in all recruiting industry need some improvement, because it costs a lot of money and time for companies to hire a good candidate. Ispolink is solving those problems by implementing AI and blockchain technology into hiring process by making it easier, cheaper and faster.

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