WEF Calls For Better Governance Of Blockchain And Cryptocurrencies.

4년 전

It is time to properly regulate blockcain and cryptocurrencies so as to achieve full potential. That is the current position of World Economic Forum.

The World Economic Forum published a paper about how better governance structures can realize the huge potential of the Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The article, written by Don and Alex Tapscott, gives a thrilling overview of the governance of blockchains and the Internet and outlines how it can be improved.

How can better governance of blockchain and cryptocurrencies be achieved?
Find out from https://btcmanager.com/world-economic-forum-calls-for-better-blockchain-governance/

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NOT AT ALL. We do NOT need government intervention, that's what got us where we are, and cryptos are to get us out. We are doing this to free ourselves from our slave masters, not ask them how to enslave us better.


You are right @ lost.identity. I feel the same way. Government interference may rather limit the potentials of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. But also think about this: Could better governance improve the volatility of the market?