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One of the issues that have persistently brought about the hindered development of blockchain is the absence of an association with genuine use cases which has been a thistle in the fragile living creature and blockchain totally. While numerous activities will in general claim paradise on earth on paper, applying the computerized record to regular use has remained a test. This has left many uncertainty about the real ability of the blockchain. From their whitepaper, digitalBits gives off an impression of being a modern undertaking. Its platform is excellent. Be that as it may, the security difficulties of today aren't actually easy chair issues; rather they require persistent training of general society. DigitalBits brought the arrangement through the way toward doing things any other way with a group of distinct advantages.


The XDB token will help push for the mass adoption of the blockchain by verifying individuals' assets and assets. The token will empower for the use of some key highlights of the platform.

With the XDB token, security and stability are ensured as each record enlisted on the platform must have some of the XDB token staked to keep it substantial. This demonstrations like the fuel of the whole environment. Exchange charges will be determined and paid with the token to dispose of the trouble of paying with monetary standards that sometimes falls short for clients or ain't even perfect. Additionally the token will empower transactions to be done between different tokens. This implies different brands tokenized frameworks can likewise exchange their very own indigenous tokens using the XDB token.

The DigitalBits framework will make a truly necessary answer for the mass adoption of the blockchain technology. Making a very solid, quick, decentralized, secure, effective, and transparency platform.

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