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I'm going to ask you a little something, have you ever thought that many things around you exist as a result of perfectly thought-out ideas? Imagine if you didn't do that. This is because we need to have all the elements and features around you to exist under certain conditions. People who think for the creation of this structure is a structure called MSME.

The primary purpose of the MSME structure is to introduce products and services. For this, it is an essential generalized concept that includes small and medium-sized entrepreneurs who make the principle of the emergence of new jobs involving a certain number of people. In this way, it is a robust organic structure capable of bringing together more than 90% of all registered transactions worldwide. MSME is an excellent room in developing countries. To put it more simply, it is essential to note that more than 500 million people are an indispensable development to increase the number of jobs. Now you're interested, aren't you?


► Project objective

There's a name for this project that I'm sure you're interested in, Tokoin! The main idea of ​​this project is to adapt MSMEs to the environmental profile transparently and reliably, as reliable and proven in many cases. Let me explain how this will happen, and many bankers don't know that they can invest more in the face of MSME by honest banks. That's why banks are afraid to spend their money. Will eliminate the lack of transparent relations with Tokoin.


After the adaptation of blockchain technology to the existing structures of MSMEs, the relationships between both MSMEs and financial service providers will be much different. Thanks to the platform Tokoin, which is their only requirement, it will be possible to learn about the company's profile.


► Principle and advantages

The advantages of the Tokoin platform are bright and prosperous. All MSMEs will ultimately have an excellent opportunity for them to be financed by financial suppliers. Since they will have a chance to improve the quality of their jobs, they will be able to find solutions to unemployment problems in their regions or countries. As the project team rapidly develops Tokoin, each transaction on the platform will complement an exceptional service as members increase their reputation. Since it will have an extensive database, it will strengthen it with blockchain technology.


In this way, both banking institutions and credit systems will secure the value of their assets using Tokoin trust and will meet many requirements with this.

It's easy to get involved. All that needs to is to meet KYC requirements and go through the relevant system. It is enough to register with your data on the platform. All the remaining procedures can be completed simply with the directions of the platform. Tokoin developers have thought of everything simply.



► Token

Tokoin will have its token in the platform, and the symbol will be named TOKO. This token will offer many privileges to the participants. There will be advantages, such as various promotions and data exchanges. It will be produced in the ERC-20 standard but may be included in a new network protocol according to the initiative of the project developers in the future. The total number of tokens will be 2 billion, but 35% of these will be sold to the public. The remaining symbols will be used to raise funds for the project, and some will be reserved for consultants.



► Final words

To summarize about Tokoin, it was not difficult for me to be sure that it would go much further as a result of my research. As a product, the project is now ready, which is a distinct advantage for the future. With a wide range of financial structures, achieving the maximum level of collaboration within the system will not be difficult for users, conditions are appropriate.

I want to give my dear readers a piece of advice. In the article, I've included web links to the official sources of the project and please take a look at them. Make sure you won't regret it. I'm sure you're looking forward to investing in this project!



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This is another great news for the community the progress of tokoin is on track!


Absolutely, follow the project!

Read the white paper, study the roadmap and you will see the full potential of a unique project Tokoin. Very interesting and promising idea.


Thank you very much for your feedback.

Let me re-share it for those who missed it:

An interesting project, the team has many plans, this company is definitely waiting for great success, I advise everyone to consider this company for themselves.



I can say that the goals are very successful.

I liked the project, I followed twitter accounts, I will follow the updates.

Its a project that provides a distinctive, oriented idea that increase the overall productivity of small businesses.