Election Commission of India is Working to implement Blockchain enabled solution for 'Lost Votes'


Key Parmeters

Ministry/Department : Election Commission of India

Jurisdiction : India

Secretary/CEC : Sunil Arora

News URL : Working on Tech Solution for 'Lost Votes" - says CEC

The participation of most people is essential to improve the representativeness and quality of a democratically elected government. However, almost in all the elections 30% votes are never casted. There could be many reasons for which people don't cast their votes but two major reasons are - not being at the pace where they are registered as voter and being busy in some other important issue of their life.

IT solutions existed to address this problem but were not beyond suspicion of being misused. Now thanks to blockchain technology - the tech driven online voting can address the issue beyond any misuse.

Election commission of India is now working with IIT Madras to develop blockchain enabled solution to address the problem of 30% lost votes. And ECI plans to implement it within a year.

This once implemented will have huge impact on the leadership that will resurface to take charge of Indian state. There will be larger scrutiny of contesting candidates as well as representation of educated and tech savvy people will also increase.

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Interesting story, I read your post, good luck in your work, we as small users. Very appreciate you, thank you for sharing time with us here

nice to know, thanks for the info.