National Blockchain Strategy Announced By India

5개월 전

Key Parmeters

Ministry/Department : NITI Ayog

Jurisdiction : India

Secretary/CEO : Amitabh Kant

News URL : Blockchain Strategy India - Part-1

Indian government finally is taking initiative for blockchain space. Part-1 of the strategy is announced in above given reference. Part-2 will also be announced soon.

Part-1 deals with basic concepts. And part-2 will deal with specific recommendations about how to promote public-private participation to build robust blockchain infrastructure and ecosystem in the country.

For more informed evaluation and effectiveness of the the strategy - I would better wait till part-2 is released.

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That's a move in the right direction. Much better news than crypto ban.


That's a move in the
Right direction. Much better
News than crypto ban.

                 - oivas

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.



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