Telecom firms to stop spam with Blockchain Technology

5개월 전

Key Parmeters

Ministry/Department : Ministry of Telecom/TRAI

Jurisdiction : India

Secretary/Chairman : RS Sharma

News URLs : Trai orders telecom firms to stop spam with blockchain tech, Blockchain fight against spam may not be landslide victory

Telephone users have been suffering for too long with unsolicited telemarketing calls and messages. It is probably going to end now thanks to blockchain technology.

Trai had asked telecom operators, in 2018 , to implement blockchain technology based solution to curb illegal practice of unsolicited telemarketing calls and messages. It was considered tough to implement back then but finally the TRAI and operators are ready to implement the solution and it will soon be operational.

The remaining concerns that it may not be foolproof solution -can be addressed with use of machine learning and artificial intelligence, coupled with strict monitoring by the regulator. However, it is to be seen whether implemented blockchain solution is public or private. It is well known that only public blockchain solutions have highest security.

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