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Looking at cryptocurrencies on the surface, they're basically digital currencies. But taking an in depth look into cryptocurrencies, one discovers that they're actually digital assets, encrypted with numerous algorithms and cryptographic techniques which makes them secure enough to act as a medium of payment for various online transactions.
Cryptocurrencies are decentralized in nature, and records of transactions are usually stored in a distributed ledger known as a blockchain. One of the many attractive features of cryptocurrency is its liquid nature, as such, cryptocurrencies that aren't liquid are not favoured.
Liquidity simply means the ability of an asset or security to be converted to Fiat without encountering too many difficulties or affecting the original price of the asset. A liquid asset would thrive better in a liquid market.
Users of cryptocurrencies prefer trading their assets on liquid markets at stable and transparent prices, which gives rise to exchanges. Crypto exchanges are platforms where crypto enthusiasts can trade one cryptocurrency for Fiat or even another cryptocurrency.
According to CoinMarketCap, there are over 190 crypto exchanges currently operating. Each of these crypto exchanges will be vying for the position of top crypto exchange, and for that to happen they must have all the features necessary to entice users to their platforms.
Introducing Extons Exchange


Extons is an exchange platform, which leverages blockchain technology to provide a trade friendly environment for crypto enthusiasts and users. It is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange, and is housed by Thisoption LIMITED's ecosystem.
This industrious platform is a revolutionary one as it combines the features of old exchanges together with futuristic ones, making it a gold mine for crypto traders and investors alike. It eliminates the inefficiencies posed by previous and existing exchange platforms as it strives to make traders reap the full benefit imbibed in cryptocurrency.
More About The Platform
Extons exchange unlike most of its predecessors boasts a medium where multiple cryptocurrencies can be traded, hence increasing its level of liquidity.
As more digital currencies keep emerging, the platform provides users with a wide range of trading services, by making room enough for recently developed or newly discovered digital currencies.
With a 24/7 online customer support service, users have nothing to fear as transactions are continually monitored, and each one is carried out smoothly without any hiccup or glitch.
The platform makes use of up to date state of the art technology to build an artificial market, one that meets the needs of potential buyers and sellers. This includes a model-based analysis, gathering information from over 250 market parameters 24/7.
Using a multi-modal structure with front end and back end design, along with the implementation of multi-points and multi-modal allocations, customers are assured a safe and stable transaction environment.
Using ultra modern technology, the Extons platform guarantees speedy transactions as well as low cost of transactions for those willing to make use of the platform.

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Extons Savings
In addition to the aforementioned benefits derivable from the platform, the platform has put in place a savings program, to be specific the Tons Savings Program, aimed at participants, to profit on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.
The savings plan is as follows;
For saving 625Tons you get 1%per month.
For saving 1250Tons you get 2% per month.
For saving 2500Tons you get 3% per month.
For saving 5000Tons you get 4% per month.
For saving 10000Tons you get 5% per month.
For saving 25000Tons you get 6% per month.
For saving 50000Tons you get 7% per month.
For saving 100000Tons you get 8% per month.
For saving 200000Tons you get 9% per month.
The Token
The platform makes use of a TRC-20 token known as TONS, minted on the Ethereum Blockchain, and is used for various transactions and smart contracts.
TRC20 stands for TRON Request For Comment, and has a unique ID code of 20.
It has a total supply of 180.000.000 and each TONS is equivalent to 0.2USD.


This ultra modern platform with its numerous benefits and liquid nature will definitely act as the backbone for the mass adoption of cryptocurrency, and will enhance the experience of those who are entering into the crypto world newly.
With this improvement in trading conditions for the crypto space, the EXTONS EXCHANGE platform will definitely be seen as a viable competition for the position of top crypto exchange.
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