BUMO the game changer in public blockchain technology

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BUMO is a cutting edge business classification square chain for omnipresent and dependable esteem exchange, which expects to make a decentralized application biological community with wide advanced certainty, free-stream esteem and open trade applications. Which gives a certainty and security to the client taking in wellbeing standards of the equivalent. When I broke down Todo doca de bumo, I was pondering how to make something other than what's expected yet imaginative, Something that individuals not just point out their utilization notwithstanding its inner substance.
In the aspect of Interpolability, it is very difficult for crypto coins such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin etc, to communicate with one another. They hardly know what is going on among themselves. Even the exchanges which is perceived as very strong and which provode a portal between different Cryptos have a problem of undecentralized entity and are extremely vulnerable.
Therefore, for cryptocurrencies to acquire further mainstream adoption, these scalability problem needs to be fixed and for blockchains to succeed, they must be able to interact with the legal systems like financial institutions. This is where BUMO comes in to ameliorate and eliminate these problems.


Renders Easy integration in the blockchain.Knowing that achieving integration lies mainly in implementation, BUMO made it easy even to users without basic dev knowledge to be able to launch dApp enabling them to access the library for their needs.Creates evolution of a fair mechanism in the blockchain. BUMO achieved this by having a lottery election for validator nodes. With this blockchain can be updated in a decentralized way across the devices it hopes to connect to and also solves the problem of centralization in mining.


Trust depends on pervasive machines. Privileges of information have a place with clients themselves. All hubs are engaged with the upkeep of the blockchain. The trust system will be all over. Ones a device becomes a NODE it can apply to become a candidate node but only qualified devices are selected to become a candidate node.
1.VALIDATOR NODE: This is the next after the candidate node. It is responsible for networking, accounting and resource management.Once any device gets connected to the network within BUMO environment it assumes the role of a node.


BUMO has an advanced technological infrastructure based on BU Firework, BU Orbits, BU Canal and BU CodeMach, also provides developers with a variety of tools and documentation to improve their efficiency and execution of the technical architecture at the system level of BUMO.Because the applications are ubiquitous, it can be said that the digital identity is reliable, offering a good tokenization protocol, transfer of values, decentralized transactions, in-dapp exchange, etc.Speaking of the digital world, the reliability of the link between the real and the virtual is generated, with the omnipresent online flow.This network is based on the trust in being ubiquitous, that is, omnipresent so it will be present everywhere. In maintenance all its nodes are involved and the best part is that users have all the right over their data.

Multising Account

This is a type of account that can be opened and controlled by multiple parties at the sane time. This account is created in the Bambook ledger system and it consist of a feature called "account weightage". These systematically planned out account creation tactics will help the BUMO system get more widespread adoption.


BUMO is believed to be the next-generation commercial-grade public Blockchain for ubiquitous and trusted value transfer, which is aimed to build a decentralized application ecosystem featured with extensive digital trust, free-flowing value and public-sharing apps.BUMO’s goal is to ensure that “value” can flow freely like information does in an ubiquitous trust network. It hopes to build such a network through the input and participation of everyone. It also hopes to create tools that ensure that the deployment of applications on the blockchain is very easy.
BUMO’s network ensures that the physical world and the digital world are linked seamlessly. Its network is open and autonomous. This ensures that anyone can join the network and realise network maintenance, application development, and also share in moving value around easily. By initiating this, they become part of an ubiquitous network on a large scale.


Through the BU token, the mobilization of the members and users of this system is encouraged, building and giving the benefit to all those who participate.
The BU token will be awarded to the Global Ambassadors for promoting the BUMO brand, holding events, interacting with the developer team and completing other tasks. Two categories of Incentives, Base Incentive plus Incentives for the accomplishment of tasks will be applied. And there is NO upper limit for this Incentive System.

Partners and Investors



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