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Native which is structured around ethereum is a platform which was created by Jake Vartanian which helps members of different communities not only make effective use of their own particular currency, but to also make good use of their resources no matter how limited it is.It was during his stay in Indonesia, when he met an ice cream man seller who wanted to expand his business, by offering his products at festivals in this country. But for this, he should fill a series of requirements, which were impossible, to get a loan from a bank to start his business. Jake decided to lend him the $100 needed to start his business. Fortunately for Jake, the individual's business paid off and doubled his investment. But at the time of returning the money (the $100), it became impossible at the time, since the rates of bank transfers or Western Union, were exorbitant.In this way the Native ecosystem allows the collectives to create their own Community, capable of managing funds with a common goal and giving the real character of it, by including the economic aspect, supported by a system of decentralized governance decisions. It is important to note that the Native platform has simple templates that allow users, without having to have technical knowledge, create communities, projects, and polls.

Creating A Community

Native communities are called tribes. Consequently by default at the creation of a tribe, the bearer of the vision becomes the curator. Although member can replace curator if necessary through a poll provided through a simple template.

However a curator must share this qualities or responsibilities

Act as administrators of Native communities
Have the deepest knowledge of the community’s initial vision
Act as a filter to ensure only beneficial content is added for members to view and vote on
Approve or deny work created by community members

Advantages of Native Platform

So many users have gone a long way, extramile to look for choice of community where they can make use of their token, using the Native Platform will help in finding community where users will be interested in order to support them through the purchase of their tokens. Once the user have gotten the toke, their value can be tracked and their direct input will be assessed in the development of the community through users votes.
Native make user to initiate their idea of the community either by deciding what user want to build the community around.
User can sell token, their value can be tracked and their direct input will be assessed towards the development of the community through user vote.

The Pilot Communities of Native

Earth Guardians, is a nonprofit organization based in Boulder, Colorado that engages youth in programs to empower and amplify their voice, specifically in relation to environmental justice.Imaginal Films, is a community of conscious film enthusiasts: filmmakers, viewers and financiers gathered in a digital ecosystem to collectively develop, produce and distribute conscious films.SDG Futures, is a group of decentralized and distributed technologies and communities for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.Peace Accelerators, is a nonprofit organization based in New York that is committed to accelerating the spread of world peace through the use of a community-oriented, technology-focused and forward-looking perspective to design solutions that take advantage of emerging technologies to improve humanity.DOLO, is a decentralized organization of open learning that works to explore a future of intelligent education that is more open, agile and rewarding for all those interested.Rick & Morty Crew, is a collective of fans committed to embrace all things wubalubadubdub !.

Community Currencies

Alignment of Interests. The native NTV token already creates an alignment of interests among ecosystem communities. However, communities can allocate a portion of their balances or funds to create new projects or communities.

Membership. To become a member of a community it is necessary to acquire Native tokens and convert them to the native token of the community. The amount for a membership depends on what is established by the community curator. The scope of the membership is established within the policies of each Community.

Medium of Exchange. Native allows the exchange and transaction of tokens within each community independently. This helps to encapsulate the value of the community and encourages the local use of the currency.

Asgardia. Empowering members participation.

Asgardia is a community of people who will be part of the first space nation. This community, currently, has its own constitution, flag, anthem, embassies, currency. However, being a futuristic project, it is necessary that this society enters the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, creating its own token and defining a decentralized and distributed structure that allows the integration and participation of all its members to improve all the aspects to consider in the constitution of this type of society.


Native works as a tool to gather individuals with a common purpose or interest and build communities, with its own economic system, based on the blockchain, which means that it is based on a decentralized, distributed and secure system, completely isolated from the interests of third parties, such as banks or government agencies, and the ability to make decisions through a system of autonomous governance.



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