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Thanks to technology, the world we live in is constantly evolving. Since the introduction of the internet, many people cannot do without it. Apart from being use in various organization for official purpose, the internet serves as a means of livelihood for a lot of people. The advancement of the internet has affected the way we do things and a lot of things easy for us.
This advancement in the internet served as a platform with which Profish leveraged to bring sport fishing to a greater level. Profish is a maiden project that comes with many decentralized features. It is a unique and promising project with the aim of revolutionizing the sport fishing industry.

Profish was introduced as a decentralized platform for fishermen to be used on their Smartphone. The platform is in the form of a fully functional social media platform, made with the backing of a blockchain. There are many advantages that come with the Profish platform. With the blockchain backing, the platform is secured and users will enjoy transparency.
Every form of transaction on the platform will be backed up with a high level of encryption. Transaction on the platform will not only involve money but information which will be verified via the right application. Asides, all occurrence on the blockchain are challenge – proof, meaning there is no disturbance or tampering of any form.
Right on the Profish platform, users can take part in the online sport fishing tournaments. This online competition brings fan and lovers of fish from all over the world together. Winners are rewarded with FISH tokens as well as prizes based on the types of fishing gears used like fishing rod, sticks, drums and costumes.
Also, the Profish network serves as a specialized online store. This store provides everything a fisherman could possibly want be it an experienced or a novice fisherman. Asides selling fishing products to others, any interested seller will be able to display their wares on a dedicated page. Payments for anything sold will however be in FISH tokens. Fisherman who wish to sell off their old fishing accessories are also welcomed on the platform.


  1. There are competitions where winners get to be rewarded with FISH tokens

  2. Transaction fee on the platform is pretty low. The platform has the backing of a secured Ethereum network

  3. Middlemen that brings extra charges are eliminated from the platform

  4. The PROFISH has a social media platform just like FACEBOOK that allows you meet new people, have group of like minded people, post on other’s wall etc.

  5. Profish community members can buy and sell fishing equipment on the platform


Conclusion – the PROFISH Platform will all over the world, year in year out, makes the fishing business flourish. Each year, the business will expand, catching the interest of more people. There are tons of untapped potentials embedded in the fishing industry. For this reason, the PROFISH platform was born.
With the help of the distributed ledger system, Profish will coordinate the framework with the support of the FISH tokens, and reward members with tokens realized on the platform.

NB: ProFish tokens are currently listed on and they can be traded there.

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