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Fundition is a next-generation, decentralized, peer-to-peer crowdfunding and collaboration platform, built on the Steem blockchain. Their aim is to replace old centralized models (such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Patreon, or GoFundMe), and offer a way for individuals and organizations to either fundraise for, or give to meaningful projects.
Aytaç Özden CETINKAYA is CTO at Fundition. In the past, Aytaç worked to develop the D.Tube platform, and have a wide knowledge of the blockchain’s operating system, the thinking process, and the necessity of an ecosystem. Before this work, he spent more than a decade as an engineer, specializing in the research of numerical solutions using mostly Microsoft technology.

StartupToken is a worldwide network of accelerators. We accelerate blockchain startup from the idea to the ICO. We organize Roadshows events and provide a wide range of services to projects that are innovative or of social importance.

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Telegram: https://t.me/startuptoken
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Thank you for this meetup @startuptoken and to your whole team for giving some free ways and some beers to talk with blockchain passionates and to present Fundition.
I met many great people and had the opportunity to talk with most of them about many things but above all about the utility of tokens, which is in my opinion, an important subject.
Was also a pleasure to meet @howo and @fredrikaa, who are already involved in an amazing project over Steem.

I would also like to wish you a great start in the Steem ecosystem.

Aytac Ozden CETINKAYA | Architect | Email : aocetinkaya@fundition.io

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Welcome on Steemit @startuptoken!
Thanks for this video of the meetup with our amazing C.T.O. @hightouch !
We invite you to take a look around here, there are many qualitative projects which deserve to be promoted, and which can take benefits of your advices.
All the Fundition Team wish you a great start on our lovely Steem Blockchain.

Fundition Team | Email : contact@fundition.io

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Sounds great, but when you mentioned it's the same guy making this, that made DTube, it makes me wonder how well it will work. I've never been able to get a video to work on DTube, so if I want to post a video here, I post it on YT and then put it into my post here. I don't even try to post a video on DTube anymore - too much hassle, takes too long, and it always fails in the end. Unless it's finally been fixed, but I wouldn't know that anyway, since I don't even try to use it anymore.


Hi @free-reign,
I left D.Tube some months ago and I'm only the founder of Fundition not d.tube.
I also noticed the same issue with videos some weeks ago and even after paying @ipfs-store I could not watch my video after some time... But i think the dtube team is working to improve that part in some way.

And for Fundition, everything works well, I invite you to give it a try and send some hearts to existent projects.
But since our platform use many aspect of the Steem blockchain, there can be allways some bugs, so if you notice something you can report them to our team basically we fix everything in less than 48 hours :)

Aytac Ozden CETINKAYA | Architect | Email : aocetinkaya@fundition.io

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First-time, video raw about 1.6gb, went through alright, chill ;)


I'm glad for you and others that have been able to use DTube successfully. I wish it worked for me too, but it doesn't. I don't know why it doesn't, but it doesn't. The only way I can post a video to steemit, is to post it to youtube first and drop it in a steemit post. I'm sorry, but that's just a truthful summary of my experinces after trying to upload 6 videos on DTube which all failed, and which I then had to delete. If DTube gets to where it's reliable, I will certainly use it.

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Thank you in advance!

sounds crazy
let's see what happened next

A really clear explanation... Nobody was with a doubt for sure! Cheers @hightouch and @fundition team!

Peace V!


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I think this is great project.With blockchain technology the future is more easier than today.

crowdfunding programmes are very much impressive in somewhat new models

Onwards and upwards!! I can only speak highly of Fundition, fantastic platform!!

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This is great news, I have a project I really want to get funded but rather in crypro

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Hey @startuptoken - are you on Discord - I wondered if you were so I can ask a question, about this great post?