Follow the White Rabbit: a blockchain innovation in the online cinema sphere

3년 전

   One of the most useful features of blockchain is that it allows to cut  the middleman and lets the parties – buyer and seller – to focus more  on each other. Recently, there has been news about very interesting  project on the blockchain that will allow artists and musicians to  engage with audience directly – Viberate.      Now, a   similar initiative  has been launched with the movies. It’s titled White Rabbit. Smart  contracts and other blockchain technologies will potentially allow to  pay for films directly to its creators by using a simple browser plugin.  Film streaming will also be an option.      The chief executive of the company notes that many users who illegally  download from torrents could have paid for films if they only had the  chance. Correct notion: many prefer original English versions instead of  dubbed ones they can watch legally in their country of residence, many  American or, say, French second-tier films are often not even issued in  some countries, so torrents become the sole opportunity. The leader of  White Rabbit has a previous successful experience as the cinema  producer.
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