Bluenote: The world’s first blockchain-based energy efficiency protocol

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There are warnings of global warming (caused by carbon emissions is both humanity’s greatest challenge) in the world today, and the news has been existent for a few decades with range of practice of a solution to it, in abid to further eradicate the troubles of global warming without being bound by politicians or investors; I introduce to us all BLUENOTE.


Bluenote: The Energy Efficiency Protocol

Bluenote is launching the world’s first blockchain-based energy efficiency protocol, by creating a decentralized ecosystem which allows building operators around the world to learn from one another how to waste less energy through distributed data intelligence. And to basically simplify Bluenote, Bluenotes set out to create a protocol that leverages the benefits of the blockchain ecosystem to provide an open access, decentralized, transparent, confidential, and value-focused data ecosystem that will open up a new energy efficiency data market, prove the measurement and verification of solutions, and ultimately unlock new building asset value.

The bluenote projects aims to fix global warming by bringing in new orders of magnitude regarding every building and utilities across the world, and the project will fulfill the hard task with the bluenote protocol.


The Bluenote Protocol is a decentralized network of building (homes, offices, utilities, schools) data, paired with a token-based system for data processing and decision making software services. The Bluenote Protocol does not act as a data gatekeeper or central hub, but rather as a collaboration enabler. The protocol is developed as a series of Nodes, packaged data services connected through the network and recorded on the common ledger. Each node allows data to be pulled in standard formats from buildings into separate data streams, each one accessible with permission by the broader network without jeopardizing confidentiality of the building.

In a nutshell, The Bluenote Protocol provides an alternative to keeping data locked in vendor silos, and allows for the easy sharing of the intelligence exposed by data across a decentralized network, opening up new opportunities for energy efficiency that are not otherwise possible.

The Bluenote Protocol is built on five core principles:

● Open Access: Any project can access the Bluenote Protocol and its ecosystem.

● Decentralized: The Bluenote Protocol is not a single relational database or centralized server.

● Transparent: All shared data streams connected to the protocol are accessible to all apps to be used, along with any transactions or uses of that data.

● Confidential: To maintain confidentiality, all data streams are identified by a unique key protected and shared only with the platform users.

● Data has value: Participants can be rewarded with bluenotes token as reward simply for uploading useful data to the protocol, however the rewards depends on the quality of the content to the platform.

Bluenote is simply going to make buildings more energy efficient and doing that provides the following advantages:

● It generates an enormous direct and continuous cost saving by reducing the energy costs of the building.

● It allows cost savings which in turn make buildings more profitable and therefore substantially more valuable.

● The non financial, but sustainability benefit, is that the increased energy efficiency greatly lowers carbon emissions.

The Bluenote Project is ico is ongoing at the moment and you can look up the token details below:

Token Information

Token Symbol: BNOW
Total Supply: 12,500,000,000 Tokens
Tokens for Sale: 6,250,000,000 (50%)
Blockchain/Token Ethereum: ERC20
Token Issue Immediately and ICO is LIVE
KYC: Document KYC

Token Sale Information

IEO Token Price: 1 BNOW = USD 0.01
Private Sale USD: 10,000,000 - RAISED
Public Sale Cap: USD 10,000,000
Total Fundraising Goal: USD 20,000,000
Accepted Currencies: BTC

Don't be perturbed, this is a great project with viable prospects bringing benefits to the world, and mind you the token private sale was a huge success. Look up more information, details and findings on the following link:






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