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One of the most amazing thing in life is to have a safe place where you can keep your documents and nothing will affect it negatively. Sometimes it could be documents that are so crucial like academic files, properties or even contracts evidence, it could also be your vehicle particulars. However, in the crypto-world, it could be your key file, and some password documents that will motivate you if you can provide them when signing in to your personal crypto account.

I think most exchanges do make use of 2FA authenticator, imagine you lose that, you might as well lose your assets with it. Moreover, many of us do make use of USB drive to store our Important files but it can't be stored forever, therefore, FILES.FM is here with the best solutions by providing a library which is a peer2peer file-catalog coupled with a crypto-market space furnished with smart search tool and crypto payments.

What is Files.FM Library all about?


This is a library that is created to function in a decentralized-way so as to achieve the utmost goal of the platform to unite the crypto-world with the people by offering them a decentralized-service that is semi in operations so that all entities and individuals can make use of the platform for daily purpose. will achieve this aforementioned discussion, by simply combining the principles binding the localized library operations with the newly invented semi decentralized-library by this platform via the utilization of peer2peer fog system of web browsers. This model is used to so as to beat down the cost and the hindrance of making use of online file storage library pose on the people by the existing localized systems.

This project will imbibe the habit of rewarding people who deem it fit to upload resourceful books and documents on this platform with FFM tokens. With the issues that has exist on lagality of items, books and the likes, will create a solution by Implementing a protocol at which illegal content control will be visible. With this, this platform will stand out has the best of all it kind among many existing setups we have in the world today.

Other solutions are:

1.It will provide a sophisticated and more efficient contents that can be use for good. Note the contents are gathered by it community.
2.It also provides clear and a more suitable way of convinent legal control of content.
3.The project is crafted on two different decentralized-policy: (i) Peer2peer file-sharing network in a browser as I have mentioned above. (ii) Peer2peer payments-system on crypto.
4.It helps to Free Space on personal-Computer of which we can all testify.
5.It allows watching-of-Movies for Free without being questioned about law issues.


Now, it is obvious that the usefulness of this project cannot be outlook, therefore, it is important that we all have our documents safe. Why don't we then make use of this setup to achieve that. Investment is also open for those who truly believe in this project.








AUTHOR: anelka

Bitcointalk profile:;u=2273527

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