Coinbase: Bitcoin investors tend to buy altcoins during price increases

5개월 전

While Bitcoin is the top dominant option in the portfolio of cryptocurrency investors, according to the recent Coinbase survey data suggests that most investors ultimately buy altcoins in the moment of increased price.

In a Blog post yesterday 13/5, Coinbase revealed something quite interesting that the "users of Coinbase almost had the option to buy Bitcoins first, but only 24% of them stayed with Bitcoin only"

Stay in the sense that they also hold the Bitcoin hold.

"In general, more than 75% of investors tend to be following the Bitcoin investment, they will buy the top altcoin, such as ETH and LTC, in particular the high volume of altcoin purchases often increased during the price increases," Coinbase said.

According to Coinbase, when investors feel secure about their initial cryptocurrency investments (in Bitcoin), they will often search for the altcoins which have strong growth in the year 2017 to invest more alongside Bitcoin.

In addition, the overly intense volatility of Bitcoin also worries many people, so with many investors they also choose the altcoins that have good growth performance in order to participate in the market.

Coinbase also adds the listing of new altcoins on the floor which also play a big role in attracting investors to the altcoin.

"Bitcoin is king and it is likely that it is still king for a long time. But the future is also opening the way for another thousand ' flowers ' blooming ", Coinbase claims.

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