News : Binance registered the domain name ' ' in China, announcing many plans in the country

4개월 전

The Binance cryptocurrency Exchange recently registered a domain name with the Chinese government, anticipating the time for Binance to have many activities in the country of this population.

Specifically, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China has approved the Binance domain,, in the last 4 months.

Source IMDB

The domain is registered by the company Shanghai Bi Nai Shi Information Technology LLC, which has the same pronunciation as Binance in Chinese.

On ' ', Binance claims to be "the world's leading blockchain ecosystem developer" and has "dedicated to the development and commerciances of blockchain technology globally".

As on the site claimed, the services that Binance aims to provide in China include: consulting, research, development, charity and investing in the blockchain industry.

There are many posts on ' ' which Binance has explained on the fundamental concepts in blockchain, cryptography, and finance. ' is part of the Binance plan for a new Blockchain research institute in China.

In May 3, Binance Academy, a Binance nonprofit company, has declared the establishment of a research institute on Blockchain Technology.

Similarly to the Binance Academy, Huobi is also opening a technology research institute, including the Blockchain, called ' Huobi University '. This academy has also been operating for a year in China.

China is currently one of the leading countries in Blockchain technology, and companies operating in the Blockchain sector in China are many. And the government has many support for companies to participate in the research and development of the technology.

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