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As we're really full of respect to this project and the local crowd, this day we finally launch our official blog here on Steemit. We’re interested in building a truly transparent and fair blockchain-based business, so we’d love to spread our thoughts and ideas throughout the community.

Trueflip.io, a unique blockchain-based lottery service, is in the final stage of preparations for the upcoming ICO, which starts at 12:00 UTC, June 28 on ico.trueflip.io. Also, in the beginning of June we had a successful pre-sale which has brought us around $400k in BTC.

Our main feature and difference is that we are already running a fully functioning business (not a project nor startup), and we aim to support it’s perspectives with the crowdsale. To date, about 100k of our tickets have already played and we have around 80k of registered users with thousands playing daily.

To get more details on our progress, follow the links below:


And yes, thank you all guys in advance for any interest. We'll definitely need your feedback and support to keep on as a decent member of the community.

You can find the active link to this Steemit blog on TrueFlip's homepage as well.

TrueFlip fair lottery

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Now that you're on Steemit, you should consider allowing users to deposit and purchase tickets with Steem :D I'm sure that you're revenue will sky rocket because Steem already has a huge and growing user base.

  ·  3년 전

Coin telegraph is biased on their interests, but I wish let them be prompt on this report....

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  ·  3년 전

What happens if you do not collect the right amount for ico?