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Hi Friends, on the off chance that you are seeing this page now you about the most fortunate individual on earth since I'm going to acquaint you with the world greatest EXCHANGE in the digital currency world.

Nine years after Bitcoin appeared on the scene in 2009, in excess of 1,000 digital forms of money have risen on the planet now, and incalculable trades have additionally discharged. We are not at present making trades like different trades. We are here to break the standards, we are here to demonstrate other trade how things ought to be finished. We have nearly seen the issues confronting other cryptographic money trade.



Wealth is measured by the worth of treasure in your possession, its value among other things and the general acceptability of it ; this is what Ruby is to Us. Therefore, ruby .(The fiery and captivating Ruby is a stone of passion) is the second most solid gem after a diamond, its reddish color usually attracts the eyes to it, with a reflection of passion , ruby usually used to express passion or emotions which is something we hold strong to but it the cryptosphere that is the world of cryptocurrencies, Ruby being a digital market place , portrays value, durability, and above all things; a unique distinction among other platform with various features to be extensively explained below.


Ruby is not just a cryptocurrency unlike other currencies but also a platform where people can buy and sell funds, information and technology as well as cryptocurrency through the ruby exchange. Ruby-X provides opportunity for Investors and traders to make commensurate profit in the crypto market; it is also a win –win market system with security, trust, transparency and accountability all these rosy dividend can only be guaranteed with Ruby-x.


RUBY-X is dedicated to maintain three salient core principle values which gives it an edge over other crypto market place, due to its nomenclature it seeks to assure:

  1. Transparency
  2. Extensibility
  3. Unbreakable

1. The transparent disclosure of free and transaction history indicates that:

  • Every user of the market platform can easily see all transactions
  • The 5,000RBY holders will receive the share of 40% of profit or 10% of revenue every quarter of each year.
  • The profits will be reserved for risk management or margin trading platform development.

2. With respect to the extensibility of this platform, Ruby –x seeks to provide:

  • Cryptocurrency and fund exchange platform.
  • Private Fund management Platform.
  • Various key currencies (BTC, ETH, USDT, RBY)
  • Multi platform support
  • Mobile APP & Widget sup-port
  • Cryptocurrency to cash, converting platform
  • ICO Platform Private fund platform.
  • Information and technology can be traded and ex-changed
  • Deep learning AI trading platform.

3. When it comes to the area of its unbreakable function, Ruby seeks to provide:

  • Use of Cold Wallet (adjust-able ratio) Partnered with BitGo and Coldlar.
  • The Most secured server by AWS support
  • Strong Core team


Token Infomation

  • Name: Ruby
  • Simbol: RBY
  • Type: Erc-20
  • Total Supply: 20,000,000,000 RBY

Token Sale

This so incredible guys you don’t want to miss out, RUBY EXCHANGE is truly the masters of the league

  • 1RBY ~ $0.22 USD, only during Ruby-x token sale period (10th August – 17th September 2018)
  • 1RBY ~ $0.50 USD, once Ruby-x official service launches on 18 September 2018

Token Allocation And Use Of Fund

Funds raised during the Ruby-x’s Public sale will be used for the development of a Decentralized Mainnet Development and AI trading platform, making Ruby’s open-source, and technologies for Blockchain development.

Moreover, to ensure market success & high token demand, the public sale will fund the execution of its go-to-market strategy. Lastly, to secure and further develop Ruby-x, we will partner, be legally advised with other blockchain and crypto companies.






The objective of Ruby-x is to develop its own biological community with a straightforward administration, an anchored benefit, and an expansible stage. All the exchange expenses and accounts will be available to open, with the goal that the stage can be adequately straightforward to keep any mendacious action. Ruby-x will offers the cool wallet framework for clients to square hacking endeavors and make the trade stage more steady. The stage of Ruby-x likewise empowers tradings among mazuma cognate items like fortifies, a wide range of innovation and data, withal all the recorded cryptographic forms of mazuma in the market.

I want you to know that you have nothing to lose, for risk management 5% of the rewards will be the profits reserved for risk management or margin trading platform development.

For more infomation, please visit:
Website | ANN Thread | Telegram

Author: Dinh Van Tuyen
Bitcointalk username: dvtuyen
Bitcointalk profile:;u=2114926

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