💰Join ONO and Get Free 500 ONOT Today !

2년 전

Hello guys, just wanted to share a quick update with you. Today Nome Tech manage to merge the servers and finally the sync issues are gone. Here is the message that they send us:

Important Notice,
ONO Dapp has already merged the Chinese and foreign servers. Users don't need to use any VPN to log on ONO Dapp.
Please register before 00:00 UTC August 22nd to win 500 ONOT rewards.
Nome Tech
August 21th, 2018

So if you haven't registered already now is the perfect time. Every new registered user will get 500 free ONOT. After that the promotion will be finished. If you still don't have an invitation code you can use the Code: E23V and register.

If you have any questions i will be glad to answer them and help you on telegram @VasilDanev

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I am really liking ONO (as joeychips) and have a lot of fun posting art and comics there. It has taken the best of Steemit and combined Instagram and Telegram in a really cool way. Thanks for all your ONO reporting and coverage. I do appreciate it.


I'm glad to hear that! Thanks a lot fot the support. I'm very excited for the future of ONO, because i know it will be awesome!