Amazon Web Services add Qtum’s DApp platform to its ranks

3년 전

Earlier this week, Qtum, a blockchain project from Singapore geared towards businesses, announced that it has now been launched on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This means that users of the first UTXO-based smart contract system will have access to create and deploy their own smart contracts from the 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI) which will be connected to the network’s core and the Qmix Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

To use the Qtum AMI image, Customers will incur no fees and for those registered with AWS, it will be free to deploy a Qtum instance.

Currently, Qtum tokens do not need to be purchased in order to use the blockchain. On the platform, there will be a calculator on the platform which predicts what fees developers might have to pay for infrastructure development.

The announcement also states that the AMI on AWS includes:

“Qtum and the solidity compiler with the official repository for easy updates
Development libraries and tools to allow anyone to build smart contracts and work on the desktop QT wallet
A Qmix development IDE that launches by default on boot”

Currently, there are 27 decentralized apps which are running off Qtum’s Ignition network, such as SpaceChain and Pundi X and the network sees the use of 6757 global nodes with the majority (4220) existing in China.

I think this is a revolutionary step and more companies adapting the platform will gain more benefits and the platform will gain exposure.

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