Volentix Visionaries share the stage with Tim Draper & Tom Lee at the Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit

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The Turkish people are a distinguished force in the adoption and development of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The Turkish commitment to community participation and technological innovation in the global digital assets marketplace springs from a modern social vision wishing to be unburdened by fluctuating currencies and regional political risk.

The Volentix Digital Assets Ecosystem (DAE) is especially proud to be exhibiting and speaking at the BLOCKCHAIN ECONOMY ISTANBUL SUMMIT on February 20, 2019. Attendees at the conference are expected to approach 5,000 in number and online viewers are projected to exceed 10,000.


Volentix began as an array of individuals each of whom experienced the frustration and dismay associated with early failures in the cryptocurrency marketplace, especially the losses of stake associated with massive hacks and insider fraud unfortunately emblematic of the early years. The Volentix philosophy is one of decentralisation within a transparent platform. We are developing a decentralised exchange in order to remedy the problems still embedded in the system today.

In its quest to develop a peer-to-peer, decentralised trading network, VOLENTIX realised that certain other tools are vital to building a sustainable community. We have engineered VERTO, a downloadable multi-currency wallet, VESPUCCI, an analytics engine to deliver meaningful data for rating digital assets, and VENUE, an incentives-based educational and promotional application to recruit a robust community. Along with VTX, our native digital currency, and VDEX, our developing exchange, these digital applications blend together to form what we expect to be a comprehensive user experience within a Digital Assets Ecosystem (DAE) premised on behavioural standards integral to a supportive community.

If you want to talk to us and connect, you can find us in our Telegram Channel.

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Fantastic work! I wish all the best for you and I hope you acheive your life goals

Thank you for keeping us the community updated with encouraging news. I look forward to meeting the Volentix team in Blockchain Economy Istanbul


Thank you @buona4tuna ! We are happy to see you there. Thanks for your encouraging words!

VILENTIX have Passionate People !

This is good news for blockchain economy starting the year with a big boom!
Oh yeah!

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Great content. Thanks for sharing. This is a great event indeed

  • I would like to watch this live. I wish I was in Istanbul with you people.

Awesome explanation. Thanks for sharing

Thank you so much for this article. Indeed Blockchain Economy Summit:Instabul , is one of the most important events in this field. Investors,engineers from all over the world will join this conference debating hot topics!Let's see how it goes.


We are waiting to see you all in Istanbul! It will be a fruitful event indeed!

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this is a nice information. @volentix

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A talk with Tim Draper & Tom Lee is a very informative one.

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Awesome post, Thanks


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nice post keep working....