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We all once wanted to try our luck, bought a variety of lottery tickets in the hope of winning the coveted jackpot. However, it did not always work, why? Maybe it was due to the fact that too small a percentage of probability, or it's a weak luck, and maybe everything is much simple? And all those lottery companies use their fake people? If you want to know the truth, then read my review today to the end.

Once the famous Shakespeare said "Life is a game". However, the games are different, both private and not. The same goes for the lottery industry. Have you ever wondered how much money one lottery company collects in a month and a year? And how many people actually win? The answer is not enough. After all, this does not always happen in an honest and transparent way. Since the most important problem of this industry remains the patronage of various government regulators, which leads to a large number of fraudulent organizations that do not seek to play by the rules and even more so to do it legally.

To change this situation and restore the trust of players to this type of entertainment, a team of experienced professionals has developed a project. Its main task is to be honest and most importantly transparent in every sense of the word. This is called project - GG WORLD LOTTERY.

Project and its features

GG world Lottery - is a platform that is based on modern blockchain technology that allows you to exclude from the lottery any fake actions, as well as increase the chances of winning more people. After all, thanks to the decentralized network, lottery participants can be sure of the full probability of random numbers, as well as the transparency of all actions.


Due to the blockchain, the developers intend to return the lottery to its true value, and will no longer doubt the purity of the winnings. To do this, GG world Lottery intends to pass a special certification of its random number generation system, one very well – known company-Gaming Laboratories International. This procedure is aimed at increasing the confidence of the participants, as well as for the undeniable confidence in the face of all States.

I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that this project has already been fully legalized by the twelve States and this is only the beginning. Since the founders of the project still continue to negotiate with other countries, placing great emphasis on Africa, South America and Asia. Demonstrating at the same time his true desire to build a global network of online lottery. Which in the future will also include a television program GG World Show. The approximate launch date of this program is scheduled for 2020, by that time the GG team plans to unite more than 100 countries, whose participants will be able to compete in a fair game for a super prize – a multi-million jackpot.

Despite the fact that we are talking more about the future of the GG World Lottery project, nevertheless it already has a finished product. You can try now:



In order for the blockchain lottery to work like a clock, the founders of the project developed their personal gaming token – GGC. It is based on Ethereum (ERC-20). Buy it you will be able after the start of the major sales that will start with 02.11.2018 year and will last until 31.01.2019. The total number of tokens that will be allocated for all sales rounds will be 375 million GGC. In total, 500 million tokens will be issued. The initial cost of one GGC token is only $ 1. The minimum investment starts at $ 100. In total, the project intends to collect Hard Cap in the amount of 375 million us dollars.

All stages of the project development can be traced from the road map:


I would also like to note that for the project participants, the developers have prepared special conditions that allow you to get the maximum benefit from participation in this project. You can read about these conditions on the main website of this project or in Whitepaper.


In conclusion, I would like to Express my opinion on this project. I think it is very interesting and promising. Since it already has a developed product (in the form of two sites). Also, the project is fully legalized and it is gradually taken into account by other different States. The project has a clear and planned goal, not blurred, but structured and expressed in the implementation of specific actions. So guys, keep this in mind and join while there is an opportunity, as this idea certainly will not leave anyone indifferent.

Official resources of the GG World Lottery project:

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